Forged metal buckles are used in securing and tightening woven lashing belts secure cargo during transportation. These buckles provide a reliable and robust connection, preventing any shifting or movement of the cargo during transit.

Secure Woven Lashing Belts

The forged metal buckles provide a secure and reliable connection between the ends of woven lashing belts. They are made of durable and robust steel metal to withstand the high tension and stress applied during tightening.

The buckles are rectangular or square, with slots or openings to accommodate the woven lashing belt. The woven belt is threaded through these slots, and the buckle tightens and secures the belt. The design of the buckle allows for easy adjustment and ensures a tight and secure grip on the woven lashing belt.

Resistant to Deformation and Breakage

Forged metal buckles are preferred for their strength and durability, as they can withstand the demanding conditions of cargo securing applications. They resist deformation or breakage, providing a reliable and long-lasting connection for woven lashing belts.

The sizes available meet different requirements, ensuring that woven lashing belts remain securely fastened. The variety of sizes ensures a snug fit, providing optimal cargo protection during transportation.

Standard Sizes available

  • 25mm
  • 32mm
  • 40mm
  • 50mm

Forged Metal Buckle Product Brochure: Download