Polyester Composite Strap

Specially made for usage on rough environmental materials and sharp edges, the Polyester Composite Strap is optimised to secure the cargo. Made of parallel layers of untwisted polyester yarns covered in polypropylene (PP), the unique and patented manufacturing process allows the container strap to achieve higher strength, lower elongation, and resistance to most chemical solvents, caustics, and acids. The Polyester Composite Straps come in blue, green, pearly white, dark grey, and yellow. To achieve optimal results, pair composite belts with Nitrated Wire Buckles.

Learn more about composite straps through our blog and video!

  • Safe, no risk of injury
  • No risk of damage to the cargo
  • High system strength
  • Can be re-tensioned many times
  • Shock absorbing
  • UV resistant
  • Corrosion-resistant
  • Can hold heavy loads
  • No splicing, no sticking
  • Easy to dispose of and recycle
  • Build-in edge protector

Polyester Composite Strap Product Brochure: Download