Using Air Pillows To Prevent Damage in Packaging

What is air pillow packaging? It is an inflatable system generates air pillows that we use to safeguard a product when packaging and shipping it off to the customer. Workers mount a film roll to the equipment piece and then fill it with air. Then, they wrap the cushions or pillows around the product to shield it against damage.

We are aware that goods (especially fragile goods) require protective packaging. For consumers to receive products in pristine condition and be just as good as before shipping them out, protective packaging is an absolute must.

In this article, we will talk about adding air pillows to bolster goods’ protective packaging.

Benefits of Air Pillows in Packaging

Air pillows provide excellent protection against damage due to impact during the transportation of goods.

Impacts through rough handling and during good transportation result in damaged products most of the time, and this leads to loss of profits and excessive complaints from customers. To that end, protective and void fill air pillows might be a splendid packaging solution for you to prevent any damage to your goods.

When packaging goods using air pillows, the latter offers much flexibility and is very easy to use on the item for thorough protection. Furthermore, the packaging will look pleasant, neat, and aesthetically appealing compared to filling up a package with any other kind of void fills. For customers who receive the packaging, they will have a better experience with easy disposal and lesser mess.

Another great advantage of using air pillows in packaging is that it is very economical because most of the void space is full of air. The lightweight packaging will also slash down the price of freight considerably. There is no denying that you can save yourself much money by reducing the size and weight of your packages as much as you possibly can, and air pillows allow you to do just that!

Manufacturers design air pillows and air pouches to utilize as less material as possible, and that works tremendously to your advantage!

Air Pillows– An Environmentally Friendly Option

All consumers and businesses alike are becoming more and more aware of environmental concerns (and this trend is likely to continue in the foreseeable future). Unfortunately, some packaging materials are not recyclable. They manage to last several thousand years in landfill sites before they eventually break down or end up in bodies of water like seas and oceans. In contrast, air pillows are a far more environmentally friendly alternative. Made from high-density polyethene film, they are 100 per cent recyclable, so there is no need for you to be concerned if you are very conscious of the environment. When it comes to air pillows, you might even come across a few options that are biodegradable as well.

Since you can use them again and again, air pillows are packing very eco-friendly materials. They will remain inflated regardless of how many times you use them.

Saving On Warehouse Space 

How much space can you spare in the warehouse where you are storing your products? It is most likely to be limited, and every precious cubic foot counts. One of the best things about air pillows and air pillow systems is that they are small-sized. We are talking around one cu ft of space for a sizeable inflatable film roll.

That is in stark contrast to the upwards of 400 cu ft of void fill you would need to match the same volume of protection. Those inflatables come in a compact and flat shape, not like standard packing kraft and peanuts paper. The efficient and superior equipment will provide you with an air cushioning system on demand, thus removing the need for time-consuming storage and additional space.

Applications of Air Pillow

The following are some of how air pillows can protect your product packaging from any damage and ensure that the customer receives their item fully intact and undamaged.

Bracing and Blocking

By using air pillows in product packaging, you can prevent merchandise from unnecessarily bouncing back and forth during shipping transit, as that usually causes crushed boxes and products. Utilize air pillows to brace and block your product shipment to avoid any damages and keep the structure of the product box completely intact.

Product Corner Protection

When you make use of air pillows in packaging, you manage to increase the shock absorbency in your shipping cartons and boost the amount of protection when you ship off your merchandise to the customers. By safeguarding all four corners of the product box with air pillows, you can keep items right in the middle of the packaging box, making it safer to transport.

Void Fill

Adding air pillows in your merchandise’s packaging helps to fill up all of the voids in the shipping cartons and boxes, and that fully protects your items during the transit and shipping to the customers. This practice recommended for goods like cosmetic items such as fragrances, lipstick, and personal hygiene care products. You can count the price quantity of air pillows used in every shipping carton or box and reduce the waste.