Bubble Wrap Cushioning Machine

Inflatable packaging, often known as bubble-on-demand packaging, is a type of bubble packaging that inflates as needed. Keeping the bubble packing fillers off the floor helps distribution centres and warehouses conserve space. Upon demand when necessary, they can be filled with air. They are high quality alternatives to traditional peanut, foam, paper packing, and bundle bubble materials.

Bubble Wrap Cushioning machine allow users to make bubble wrap cushions for packaging on-demand and on-site when it is required. The packaging bubble wrap machine is an ideal solution for protective packaging. The machine will fill the plastic wraps with air and is easy to operate, requires low maintenance, and has adjustable controls. The bubble wrap machine is a packaging solution that saves warehouse space, unnecessary cost, time and will improve your packaging efficiency. It can inflate different types of air packaging like air pillows, inflatable bubble wrap, and air cushion wrap.

The all-electric compact Bubble Wrap Cushioning Machine fills the Bubble Wrap Inflatable Cushioning and Tube Air Cushions for wrapping and block-and-brace applications. A patented dual belt drive and band sealer enable an airtight seal of the air cushions for better protection. This knifeless design system integrates easily at any pack station with its compact design. Also, this all-electric system can operate at 65 feet per minute and does not require compressed air to operate.

With its operator-friendly controls, users can control heat, air, and speed for consistent fill level and seal quality. Users can also monitor the usage and conduct diagnostics through an onboard connectivity port. The Bubble Wrap Cushioning Machine is ideal as a stand-alone system or combined with various equipment accessories, including machine stand, storage hoppers, automatic winder, and footswitch.

The Bubble Wrap Cushioning Machine is widely used for e-commerce businesses, logistics companies, and factories, where it is required to protect goods from damage during shipping and transportation.

  • Flexible – One system produces bubbles and tubes on-demand for wrapping, interleaving, and block-and-brace applications
  • Fast, All-Electric System – Tabletop, all-electric system operates at 65 feet/min and does not require compressed air to operate
  • Reduce Costs – Better air retention and improved yield reduce cost per cubic foot
  • Low Maintenance – Reliable equipment designed for easy maintenance and serviceability
  • Reduce Storage Space – High-yield, boxed material reduces storage and transport requirements of paper, foam, and pre-filled bubble materials
  • Weight: 17.2kg
  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 241.3mm x 438.15mm x 457.2mm
  • 19.8 metres per minute

Bubble Wrap Cushioning Machine Product Brochure: Download