The bubblewrap on-demand machine is used in packaging and shipping operations to produce and dispense bubble wrap material as a void fill. It is designed to create individual air-filled bubbles on demand, which can be used to protect items during shipping or storage.

Efficient Void Fill Packaging

The compact void fill machine uses a roll of un-inflated bubble wrap film or tube cushions with pre-sealed air pockets, and the mechanism inflates the film with air. The inflated bubble wrap is then dispensed and can be cut to the desired length, allowing users to customise the amount of bubble wrap needed for each package.

Bubble wrap on-demand machines offer several advantages over pre-inflated bubble wrap rolls. Producing bubblewrap as needed eliminates the need for storing bulky rolls of pre-inflated bubble wrap, saving space in the packaging area. They also provide better protection by ensuring the bubbles are fully inflated and free from potential damage that could occur during storage.

Bubblewrap on-demand void fill machine features a dual belt drive and band sealer, ensuring airtight seals for enhanced protection. It operates on an all-electric system, eliminating the need for compressed air, and can achieve a speed of 65 feet per minute.

Consistent Fill and Airtight Seals

The machine offers user-friendly controls for adjusting heat, air, and speed, ensuring consistent fill levels and high-quality seals. It also includes an onboard connectivity port for monitoring usage and conducting diagnostics. Additionally, the machine can be used as a standalone system or combined with various accessories such as a machine stand, storage hoppers, automatic winder, and footswitch.

The bubble wrap machines can be used in warehouses, fulfilment centres, and shipping departments where there is a high volume of packages to be shipped and protected. They provide a convenient and efficient solution for businesses to quickly and easily create custom-sized bubble wrap void fill quickly and easily, reducing packaging waste and improving the shipping process.

We provide a wide range of bubblewrap machines featuring different specifications. Our offerings include customisation options and printing services, allowing for a tailored packaging solution that aligns with specific brands and requirements.

  • Flexible: Produces bubbles and tubes on demand for wrapping, interleaving, and block-and-brace applications
  • Fast all-electric system: Compact tabletop all-electric system
  • Easy to use: Does not require compressed air to operate
  • Reduce Costs: Better air retention and improved yield reduce cost per cubic foot
  • Low Maintenance: Reliable equipment designed for easy maintenance and serviceability
  • Reduce Storage Space: High-yield boxed material reduces storage and transport requirements of paper, foam, and pre-filled bubble materials
  • Type: Air Bubble Machine
  • Weight:5kgs
  • Power:120w
  • Speed: 20m/min(65 feet)
  • Voltage:220v/110v, 50HZ-60HZ
  • Has adjustable air volume, temperature and length
  • Works with the overhead delivery system or winder
  • Ideal for most packaging environments
  • Easy operation and low maintenance
  • One year warranty
  • CE, PSE certified, quality guaranteed

Bubble Wrap Cushioning Machine Product Brochure: Download