Inflatable Air Pillow

Air pillows protect products from impact damage. Air pillows are an effective void-filling solution that keeps products in packaging from shifting, crushing, or breaking during shipment or handling. Many different products or goods can be used with the Air Pillow packaging.

Compared with Bubble Wrap and Polychip Packing Peanuts, Inflatable Air Pillows are a cost-saving packaging solution. With operating efficiency, performance, and sustainability Streampeak’s inflatable air pillow is a recommended packaging solution and is ideal for light shipments and soft goods. The packaging material is light, which means lower freight costs and less energy consumption. Using air cushions to fill up void space in packages can enhance a company’s image as it demonstrates the brand and a commitment to environmentally responsible packaging.

Inflatable Air Pillows have perforations, allowing the air pillows to be separated easily and quickly and increasing work efficiency and productivity. This feature also creates a fuller air cushion, lowering the cost per cubic foot and creating less weight per package. The air pillow packaging is durable enough to protect goods in minimal space. Its preformed pillows are supplied in a high-yield box that reduces shipping, storage, and handling requirements. Also, these durable, dust-free, and puncture-resistant pillows are infinitely recyclable.

The Inflatable Air Pillows are excellent for void-filling applications, including mail order fulfilment, pharmaceutical fulfilment, third-party logistics, and contract packaging. The inflatable air pillows may be inflated when required with the Inflatable Air Pillow Machine.

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  • EZ-Tear perforations allow pillows to be separated easily, enhancing efficiency
  • Durable and puncture-resistant pillows inflate on demand, saving warehouse space
  • Recyclable
  • Available Sizes: 8”, 10” and 12” widths
  • Available Mil Thicknesses: 1.1, 1.54 and 2 mil
  • Printing: Custom printing options are available
  • Unit of Measure: 5,000 linear feet (1.1 mil), 4,000 linear feet (1.5 mil) and 3,000 linear feet (2 mil) of material per box