What Can an Automatic Paper Crumpler be Used For?

What Can an Automatic Paper Crumpler be Used For?
Published On:July 8, 2022 Revised On:December 27, 2023

While shipping fragile products, finding the proper packaging for protection against impact damage is essential. One packaging solution would be void filler packaging to prevent impact damage during transportation.Void filler packaging is often used to fill up empty spaces and gaps to protect the goods and keep them in their place to minimise unnecessary movement during transportation.

Examples of void fillers are packing peanuts, plastic air pillows, and bubble wrap. However, the setback is that these packaging solutions rely on unsustainable resources such as plastic, which cannot be recycled and take hundreds of years to biodegrade. Furthermore, they also take up quite a substantial space in the warehouse during storage. This article explores the significance and applications of paper void-fill packaging solutions.

What is an Automatic Paper Crumpler?

An automatic paper crumpler is a packaging machine specifically designed to convert flat sheets or rolls of paper into crumpled cushioning material. This crumpled paper can then be used as a protective layer, ensuring the safe transport of goods and reducing the risk of damage during shipping.

The paper void filler helps to automate, creating void fill for boxes, streamlining the packaging process and ensuring maximum protection. Paper packaging is efficient and cost-effective during the packaging process and storage. This packaging solution is highly versatile, providing custom-fit packaging material for security that is simple to use and appropriate for different sizes of box protective packaging applications. This device converts flat paper into protective packaging, offering an efficient and eco-friendly solution.

How does it work?

The machine pulls the paper from a roll or feed, passing it through gears or rollers that crumple it into a desired texture and density. The output is a continuous stream of crumpled paper that can be cut or torn to the desired length. The density and crumple size can often be adjusted based on the machine settings, allowing customisation depending on the specific packaging needs.

A roll of kraft paper must be loaded onto the machine and inserted into the condenser. With the push of a foot pedal or button, the automated dispenser pulls paper from the crumpler and automatically dispenses crumpled kraft paper. There is an adjustable speed dial as well as a reverse button. The device is mounted on a movable stand with four locking casters, allowing it to move around the warehouse quickly.  

Benefits and Advantages

The automatic paper crumpler offers practical solutions in the packaging domain, balancing product protection with environmental and economic concerns. Let’s dive into its key advantages.

Environmental Advantages: Using paper as a packaging material has a considerably lower environmental footprint than plastics and other non-biodegradable alternatives. A paper crumpler promotes using renewable and often recycled paper, reducing waste in landfills and decreasing the demand for plastic-based packaging solutions.

Cost Efficiency: Paper, especially when sourced in bulk, is typically more cost-effective than other packaging materials. Additionally, by automating the crumpling process, businesses can save on labour costs and benefit from consistent output, minimising material wastage.

Improved Product Safety: The crumpled paper these machines produce provides cushioning, protecting goods from shocks and impacts during transit. Its versatility means it can be used for a wide range of products, ensuring that items remain intact and damage-free.

Space-saving Design & Storage: Flat paper rolls occupy minimal storage space, unlike bulky bubble wrap or foam rolls. When there’s a need for protective packaging, the paper crumpler can produce it on the spot, eliminating the necessity to stockpile large volumes of pre-crumpled material.

Enhanced Packaging Speed: Manually preparing protective packaging can be time-consuming. With a paper crumpler, businesses can speed up their packaging process, ensuring faster order fulfilment and improved operational efficiency.

Practical Uses and Industrial Applications

With the surge in online shopping, businesses require reliable packaging solutions. The paper crumpler provides an efficient way to pack various products, ensuring they reach customers in pristine condition. Delicate items like glassware, electronics, and ceramics necessitate added protection. The crumpled paper acts as a cushion, absorbing shocks and reducing the risk of breakages during transit. This machine’s impact is evident in how products are protected and presented, from retail shelves to electronic warehouses.

Retail: With its wide range of products, the retail sector benefits from crumpled paper packaging. It ensures items are ready for display or delivery without damage, from toys to home goods.

Electronics: Sensitive electronic components require protection from shocks and vibrations during transit. The crumpled paper acts as a cushion, safeguarding devices and parts.

Cosmetics & Personal Care: For the cosmetics and personal care industry, which is shifting towards sustainable solutions, crumpled paper offers protection and aligns with eco-friendly branding.

Food & Beverage: In food & beverage shipments, crumpled paper provides a protective layer for bottled or jarred items, minimising breakages during transportation.

Apparel: In apparel shipping, crumpled paper fills voids in boxes, preventing items like shoes or fabrics from getting crushed or deformed.

Void fills created by the automatic paper crumpler are an excellent way to protect the box’s contents by filling any remaining gaps. This cushioning and filling material is ideal for e-commerce, especially for eco-conscious brands. Paper is often 100 per cent recyclable, and its materials are already sustainable. Here are just a few applications of the paper void fill: 

  • To add padding between the item and the cardboard box when shipping goods 
  • To prevent the movement and sliding of goods during transit 
  • To provide padding when packing boxes when moving house 
  • To wrap glasses and fragile objects when storing or transporting goods 
  • To enhance the unboxing experience for customers 
  • To use for aesthetic purposes when assembling a hamper or gift box

Paper Void Fill vs Air Pillows 

Paper is a void-fill material that is inexpensive and effective in most applications. Many consumers prefer paper void fill because it is a natural, 100% recyclable choice. Other cushioning materials, such as air pillows or packing peanuts, are less easily recycled or biodegradable than paper. Many have identified paper material as a higher quality product and find it more attractive than air pillows; thus, using paper can help improve product presentation in some cases. 

Though paper has significant advantages for packing operations, there are a few drawbacks to be aware of when working with it. Companies that use paper void fill frequently discover that they use more material when compared to the pillows, which use air and, therefore, might raise the overall cost of the packaging. Even though the paper is reusable and recyclable, many end-users send it to landfills rather than recycling it. 

The packaging industry is beginning to recognise the advantages of paper void fill over plastic void fillers. All the kraft paper used is 100% recycled, 100% recyclable, and 100% biodegradable. Some reasons why it can be a sustainable choice include: 

  • The paper must be sourced entirely from sustainable sources with no chemicals or oil-based products. 
  • It replaces traditional packaging methods that are inefficient and result in overfilling. 
  • It can later be transformed into new products. 
  • An increase in paper packaging will reduce the amount of plastic packaging waste. 

Types of Paper Void Fill Machine

Automatic Paper CrumplerIts sleek and compact design fits into any production environment and is perfect for multi-station packing needs. The eco-friendly paper produces lightweight, ultra-strong cushions easily moulded around any product, delivering maximum protection. 

Paper Void Fill SystemPerfect for all types of goods and irregular-shaped items, its sustainable paper packaging prevents movement during transit and reduces dimensional weight. The easy loading and blade-less tear assist features keep workers focused on the task, not the tool. While the automatic paper crumpler creates paper for cushioning, the paper void fill system dispenses high volumes of paper void fill to fill gaps in boxes. 


An automatic paper crumpler is a great way to get void fillers into the packaging quickly and efficiently. They will complete the task much faster than if it is done manually. Paper void fill used by the automatic paper crumpler is also lightweight, easily recyclable, and highly versatile. 

Stream Peak offers paper void fill machines known for their seamless integration into packing lines and user-friendly design. This machine champions eco-friendly packaging by using biodegradable and recyclable paper. It’s adaptable, producing varying paper densities for optimal product protection. Contact us for a no-obligation demonstration with our packaging engineers to learn more.