In the post-harvest period, the ethylene absorber actively filters the air and eliminates ethylene gas, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), and spores. Its primary purpose is to safeguard produce during transit and storage.

The filter works with the natural recirculation of cold transport equipment. Doing so creates a modified atmosphere that promotes freshness and extends the shelf life of the produce.

Efficient Absorption Capacity for Preserving Fruit Quality

The ethylene absorbers have an absorption capacity of more than 3 and 4 litres per kilogram, making them highly efficient in preserving the quality of fruits. The filters are designed for easy assembly and installation with flanged connections incorporated into the cap. This ensures quick and hassle-free installation, eliminating the need for bending plastic flanges that are difficult to pass through grid holes.

The flanges come pre-shaped with a soft curve, and the cord can enter from four positions, making anchoring the flange easy when installing in trucks. The filter also includes a plastic tube ventilation system that facilitates attachment. A double-sided adhesive is also available to simplify the installation process in lorries.

Safeguarding Produce During Transit and Storage

Two methods actively determine the appropriate filter size for each application. The theoretical absorption capacity calculates the required absorption capacity. It considers factors such as the type of fruit, the number of days in transit, and the weight being transported.

On the other hand, the remaining capacity measurement considers additional variables. These variables include the influence of the season and different ripeness levels. Considering these variables is to adjust the available filter capacity realistically.

  • Produce a minimal amount of dust 
  • Reduce food wastage
  • High efficiency, making it possible to lower the container’s ethylene level more than any other product on the market 
  • Deliver an extremely high capacity without sodium permanganate and the severe risks it implies 
  • Flanged connections to make assembling the filter quick and easy
  • Not required to bend the plastic flanges, which are hard to pass through the grids’ holes. 
  • Flanges come pre-shaped with a soft curve. 
  • Anchoring the flange allows the cord to enter from four positions, a handy feature when installing trucks. 
  • 50 cm Ethylene Absorber Filter
  • 75 cms Ethylene Absorber Filter
  • 100 cm Ethylene Absorber Filter
  • Panel Filter for Cold Stores