Ethylene Absorber Filter

During the post-harvest period, poor air quality lowers fresh produce’s quality and shelf life. The Ethylene Absorber Filter protects the fresh produce by filtering air and eliminating ethylene gas, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), and spores. It is used in the natural recirculation of cold transport equipment to create a modified atmosphere. Due to its unique granulometry and support, this filter provides excellent breathability while protecting fruits and vegetables against moisture and dust. These Ethylene Absorber Filters contain the GK3 and GK4 granules for an absorption capacity of more than 3 and 4 litres of ethylene per kilogram, respectively. Formats with Activated Carbon are available for specific applications. 

These GK3 and GK4 Granules are explicitly designed to: 

  • Produce a minimal amount of dust 
  • Achieve high efficiency, making it possible to lower the container’s ethylene level more than any other product on the market 
  • Deliver an extremely high capacity without sodium permanganate and the severe risks it implies 
  • The “Easyfit” system incorporates the flanged connections into the cap to make assembling the filter quick and easy. 
  • No bending of the plastic flanges, which are hard to pass through the grids’ holes, is required. 
  • Our flanges come pre-shaped with a soft curve. 
  • Anchoring the flange allows the cord to enter from four positions, a handy feature when installing trucks. 

A double-sided adhesive is an available option with the filters to make installing filters easier in lorries. A plastic tube ventilation system (without perforated guides) makes attaching a filter difficult. We offer two services to determine the correct filter size: 

  • Theoretical Absorption Capacity – Calculating the theoretical absorption capacity required depends on the type of fruit, the days in transit, and the kilos to be transported 
  • Remaining Capacity Measurement – When adjusted realistically, the available filter capacity can determine variables such as the influence of the year’s season and the different ripeness levels using this method. 

To learn more about ethylene absorbers, please visit our blog and video. Direct purchase is also available from our online store.  

  • Produce a very low amount of dust
  • A very high efficiency which allows users to lower the level of ethylene in the container more than any competitive product
  • It has a very high capacity, without the use of sodium permanganate
  • The “Easyfit” system incorporates the plastic ties in the cap and transforms the operation of assembling the filter into something fast and comfortable
  • No need to bend plastic ties that resist passing between the holes in the grilles
  • Our moorings are already preformed with a smooth curvature
  • The anchoring of the mooring allows the cord to enter from four different positions. It is especially useful in truck assemblies

Available Types:

  • EF100 and EF100HC FILTER (100cm)
  • EF75 AND EF75HC FILTER (75cm)
  • EF50 FILTER (50cm)