Ethylene absorber sachets are an effective solution for preserving the quality of fresh produce during transportation and storage over long distances. The sachets remove ethylene gas from the surroundings and slow the ripening process of fruits, vegetables, and flowers, reducing general rotting and dehydration. The ethylene absorbers are non-toxic, chemically inert, and can be disposed of as regular waste.

These absorbers are designed to allow gaseous exchanges and are highly resistant to water, making them effective in highly humid conditions. They prevent decay, mould, discolouration, wilting, and softening of fresh produce. Place the advised number of sachets in the packaging box or export packing to create a bacteria-free, clean environment, ensuring the freshness of the food during transit and storage.

  • Non-toxic
  • Reduce food wastage
  • Approved to be used with food products
  • Approved to be used with organic food products
  • Prevent decay, mould, discolouration, wilting, and softening of fresh produce
  • Small sachets: 0.25 gm / 0.50 gm / 1 gm /  1.7 gm /  2.5 gm
  • Medium sachets: 5 gm / 7 gm / 9 gm (intended for long-distance transport of fruits)
  • Large sachets: 22 gm / 38 gm (transport highly preserved fruit  or for use in fridges)

Ethylene Absorber Sachet Product Brochure: Download