Desiccant Bags

Humi Dri is a high-quality desiccant bag that protects goods from damage due to moisture and gases. Available in different materials, Humi Dri sachet desiccant bags packaging can be made from paper, Tyvek, Clear Plastic, DL Paper, KF Paper, Packtex, Hard Paper, Heatlon, Kraft Paper, Sewn Bags and Tear-Proof (TP) Fabric. Humi Dri can also come in Spool, Canister, Loose Form, Plastic Tablet, Sachet, Strip and Plastic Tablet.

The desiccant bags packaging is able to come in various forms:

  • Tin container
  • Carton box
  • Fibre drum
  • Plastic bottle

The desiccants available in Humi Dri bags and sachets include Non-indicating Silica Gel bags, Activated AluminaActivated CarbonActivated ClayMolecular Sieve, Orange-indicating Silica Gel, Blue-indicating Silica Gel. Customisation is available as well. For example, you can mix Non-indicating Silica Gel and Orange-indicating Silica Gel.

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