Air Column Bags

Stream Peak’s Air Column Bags are a durable, firm protection layer for fragile goods during shipping. During shipping, goods may slip, shift, and move in their packaging box when not adequately secured, leading to damage from impact when they hit its packaging’s surface. Especially for heavy and fragile goods, this may cause severe injury or workplace accidents. Thus, shipping professionals take precautionary measures to secure products during shipment using void fillers such as air pillows and paper fillings.

However, for heavy and fragile goods, usually high in cost, extra protection must ensure maximum packaging protection and minimum damage risks. Thus, Air Bags are commonly used to provide cushioning to these goods. Stream Peak offers a variety of Air Bags for products of different shapes and sizes. We offer Air Column Bags, Air cushions, Bubble Column bags, Buffering Air Packaging, or Cylindrical Inflatable bags.

Air Column Bags are commonly used to protect a variety of goods such as glasses, circuit boards, books, liquid items, handbags, suitcases, bags, electronics, cosmetics, precision Instruments, ceramics, hardware, fruits, flowers, furniture, domestic appliances, arts, and other fragile items. It is commonly used to secure and protect these fragile goods due to its shock-proof and durable nature. Filled with air, Air Column Bags have a solid and firm exterior, providing goods maximum protection from impact.

  • Strong & Durable

Filled with air and made of PE and Nylon, our Air Column Bags are highly durable and tough, providing maximum protection for goods from impact.

  • Waterproof & Shock Proof

Stream Peak’s Air Column Bag is made of waterproof and durable materials.

  • Maximise Storage Space

Before inflating the Air Column Bags, they are flat and slim, taking up little storage space than other packaging solutions such as Styrofoam and paper.

  • Improved Productivity

This method of packaging is fast and straightforward. The process requires little to no training. In addition, with an inflating machine, wrapping goods with Air Column Bags will be quicker and more efficient, reducing overall operating time. Workers can package goods faster, improving the warehouse’s overall productivity.

  • Reduce Costs

Air Column Bags requires little workforce as our machines fully automate the process. Our machines can automate the entire process, from inflating to wrapping and packaging goods, with little management required. Thus, factories can cut staffing costs.

  • Aesthetic Packaging

Air Column Bags are clear and transparent, providing a more aesthetic image to the packaging than other void fillers such as paper and Styrofoam. The packaging improves customer experience and emphasises the product’s features and design.

Reduce costs by protecting goods with our Air Column Bags, as they are light in weight and incur little to no additional fees. Protect products and ship them without worries now! Direct purchase is available from our online store. Contact us for bulk quantities, custom sizes, or special printing requirements.

  • Strong & durable
  • Waterproof & shockproof
  • Maximise storage space
  • Improve productivity
  • Reduce costs
  • Aesthetic packaging
  • Quick inflating
  • Easy to use, little training required
  • High protection

Air Column Bag Product Brochure: Download