OPP Tape

OPP Tapes are used to seal boxes and packaging. This high-tack adhesive tape made of biaxially oriented polypropylene (BOPP) film has excellent surface adhesion and a firm grip. OPP tape is well-known for its high strength and resistance to water, making it ideal for sealing. OPP tape is thinner and less expensive than cloth tape. Its transparency prevents the design and characters beneath the tape from obscuring. These characteristics are critical because a properly sealed package ensures that nothing falls out or the package breaks. The strong adhesive of the OPP Tapes ensures that boxes are properly sealed during transit and storage. While some OPP tapes can be cut by hand, others must be cut with a cutter.

We offer OPP tapes with high tensile strength, are environmentally friendly, non-toxic, and provide increased resistance to dangerous chemicals, corrosion, heat, and moisture. Our OPP tape is made for heavy-duty carton sealing and provides excellent support for all of your packaged goods while being stored or transported. The OPP Tape is the most common clear tape used extensively in inventory management and product shipping. It has a unique molecular structure and polypropylene resin stabilisation, offering outstanding optical and mechanical qualities. Apart from applications such as packaging, customised OPP tapes with the company’s logo are also frequently used for labelling.


OPP Tapes have a wide variety of applications in different industries.

  • Used for packaging of food products and sealing
  • Used for printing, lamination, and electrical applications
  • Shipping, wrapping, bundling, and packaging
  • Perfect for sealing pallets, merchandise, and cartons
  • Excellent for both machine and manual application
  • Optical and mechanical properties are exceptional
  • Strong and lightweight
  • Easy to print and laminate
  • Superb adhesion to surface
  • Strong grip