OPP Tapes are widely used for sealing boxes and packaging. Made of biaxially oriented polypropylene (BOPP) film, these packaging tapes feature a high-tack adhesive that ensures excellent surface adhesion and a secure grip.

High Tensile Strength for Durability

With its strong strength and resistance to water, the packaging tape is an ideal choice for sealing applications. It is thinner and more cost-effective than cloth tape, and its transparency allows designs beneath it to remain visible. Use a safety cutter together for precision cutting.

Properly sealed packages prevent spills or damages during transit or storage. The strong adhesive of OPP Tapes ensures reliable sealing for boxes.  We offer OPP tapes with high tensile strength, ensuring superior durability.

Environmentally Friendly and Non-Toxic

Our tapes are also environmentally friendly and non-toxic, increasing chemical resistance, corrosion, heat, and moisture resistance. Designed for heavy-duty carton sealing, the OPP tape offers excellent support for packaged goods, safeguarding them during storage or transportation.

OPP Tape’s unique molecular structure and polypropylene resin stabilisation deliver exceptional optical and mechanical qualities. Customisation options are available for labelling purposes. Choose our reliable OPP Tapes to meet various packaging needs.

  • Superb adhesion to the surface
  • Used for packaging food products and sealing
  • Used for printing, lamination, and electrical applications
  • Shipping, wrapping, bundling, and packaging
  • Perfect for sealing pallets, merchandise, and cartons
  • Excellent for both machine and manual application
  • Optical and mechanical properties are exceptional
  • Strong grip and lightweight
  • Easy to print and laminate
  • Material: Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene (BOPP) Film
  • Adhesive Type: High-Tack Adhesive
  • Thickness: Varies (Available in different thickness options)
  • Width: Varies (Available in different width options)
  • Length: Varies (Available in different length options)
  • Colour: Transparent/Clear
  • Tensile Strength: High
  • Water Resistance: Excellent
  • Transparency: Allows designs beneath the tape to remain visible