Strapping band machines offer improved efficiency, consistency, and reliability in the strapping process, reducing manual labour and enhancing the security of bundled items during transit or storage.

Customisable Strength and Security

Placing the items to be strapped onto the strapping machine or conveyor belt, positioning the strap around the items, and activating the machine. The machine automatically tensions the strap, seals it, and cuts off any excess length.

The straps can be adjusted for tension and width to provide the desired level of strength and security. Strapping machines automate applying strapping bands to packages or bundles, making them more efficient, consistent, and reliable than manual strapping methods.

Semi-Automatic or Fully-Automatic Strapping

The strapping machines support daily packaging operations with minimal maintenance required. All core assemblies are easy to reach, enabling easy maintenance or cleaning. The strap path can be easily dismantled without tools. Depending on requirements, both semi- or fully-automatic strapping machines are available.

  • 2.1 seconds to strap a normal package
  • Easy tension adjustment
  • Power-saving design
  • Compact & solid structure
  • Omron PLC system for time adjustment of strap feed/reverse
  • Outside tension adjustment
  • Arch size (standard): W850 mm x H600 mm
  • Table height: 810 mm
  • Strap width L: 9,12,15 mm
  • Strapping efficiency: 2 sec./strap
  • Joint of strap: Heat sealing
  • Max. tension: 80 Kg
  • Power supply: 110/220/240/380 V    50/60 Hz    Single- or 3-phased
  • Machine dimensions (W/D/H): 1400 x 590 x 1500 mm
  • Net weight: 180 Kg
  • Semi-Automatic Strapping Machine: These machines require manual input to place the strap around the package, but they automate the tensioning, sealing, and cutting processes.
  • Automatic Strapping Machine: Fully automated machines that perform all the strapping functions, including tensioning, sealing, and cutting, with minimal human intervention. They are ideal for high-volume strapping operations.
  • Side-Seal Strapping Machine: These machines use a side-seal mechanism to join the ends of the strap together. They are suitable for strapping large or irregularly shaped packages.
  • Tabletop Strapping Machine: Compact machines designed to be placed on a tabletop or workbench. They are commonly used in small businesses or low-volume applications.
  • Arch Strapping Machine: These machines have an arch-shaped frame through which the package is passed to apply the strap. Arch strapping machines are available in various sizes to accommodate different package dimensions.
  • Fully Automatic Inline Strapping Machine: These machines are integrated into production lines and automatically strap packages as they move along the conveyor system. They can be used in industries with high-speed packaging operations.
  • Battery-Powered Strapping Tool: Battery-powered strapping tools are handheld devices that tension, seal, and cut the strap with the push of a button. They are portable and useful for mobile or on-site strapping applications.

Automatic Banding Machine Brochure: Download