PP and PET Strapping Band

Stream Peak’s Polypropylene (PP) & Polyester (PET) Strapping Band-aids secure various commodities together inside a container to reduce movement and enable smooth shipping of goods.

Why Do We Need Strapping Bands?

When shipping goods in boxes and cargo, movement may occur during transit when the container is tilted around. When these boxes and cargo shift about, it may cause the goods inside to shift and may cause damage to goods due to impact and result in loss of goods. There are many solutions such as void fillers, shoring, wedging, netting, and much more to reduce damage from movement and impact.

All these solutions are available at Stream Peak. However, to secure large and bulky boxes and cargo together, strapping bands are the optimal solution. We offer two types of Strapping Bands, Composite Polyester Strapping Band and the PP & PET Strapping Band, a safer alternative to steel strapping. Made of high tensile polyester yarns, strap the PP & PET Strapping Bands onto cargo/box and fasten with wire buckles for optimal usage. With the wire buckles, the Strapping Bands will firmly hold goods together, preventing movement and toppling.

  • With a traction force of 470 to 2400 daN, our Strapping Bands are extremely firm and robust, able to hold and secure large and heavy goods.
  • Due to its durable material, our Strapping bands are long-lasting. They do not splice, are highly tear-proof, with low elongation, absorb very little moisture, and do not corrode easily. Besides, it also has a high shock absorption rate which further minimises damage from impact.
  • It can be re-tensioned in volume loss in the packaged goods and has a high breaking load, linear and within the system.
  • Flexible and universally applicable, our Strapping Band is used to secure and protect a wide variety of goods. It also has limited resistance against lyes and acids, a one-stop solution to multiple products.
  • When strapping the goods, our Strapping Band will not cause damage to most surfaces due to its smooth material and surface
  • A simple process, Strapping Bands, is easy to handle and provides a simple yet effective solution to load securement during shipping. There is little to no risk of injury to workers when using our Strapping Bands.
  • Reduce costs with our cost-effective PP & PET Strapping Bands, a low-investment cost to ensure secure shipment of goods.
  • Applicable in baling press machines with its special glue coating

Ship goods without worries with our Strapping Bands, prioritise safety and reduce the loss of goods. Stream Peak offers customisation of our PP & PET Strapping Band. Choose the correct belt width, length, coil, and linear/system for your goods. Feel free to contact our friendly staff to learn more about choosing the right type of Strapping Band to secure goods and minimise damage!

  • No damage to most surfaces
  • Does not corrode
  • Easy to handle
  • Low investment cost
  • High shock absorption
  • Limited resistance against lye and acids
  • No risk of injury for shippers or consignees in using or opening the strapping
  • Special glue coating for usage in baling press machines available

PP and PET Strapping Band Product Brochure: Download