Zip Lock Bags

The Zip Lock Bag is a multi-purpose, reusable, sealable, and resealable bag which comes in various sizes and dimensions to meet different packaging needs. The wide range of zip-lock bag sizes makes them suitable for storing food products, such as vegetables and meat, frozen for future consumption. It works well in multiple industries, including food, retail, and personal usage at home, where the most common use would be to store dried goods such as nuts and snacks. For both food and non-food items, zip lock bags are a cost-effective and versatile packaging alternative. The compact design of these resealable packaging bags allows for convenient storage. It has no side seams to make the most of the available space. The transparent display further adds to the bags’ functionality. Zip lock bags are also highly robust and reusable, making them eco-friendly.  

For convenience and visibility, the multi-purpose Zip Lock Bags are an ideal choice for packaging: 

  • small accessories 
  • craft supplies 
  • gifts 
  • confectionery 
  • loose changes 
  • food items 

Zip Lock Bags are made of polyethene plastic melted to the point that they are easily bent. The melted plastic is then moulded into a bag’s desired shape and size. On the other hand, the bag’s closures are formed in a separate moulding process using stronger and thicker plastics, which are then secured on the lips of the pack. This moulding process of the closure creates a microscopic and arrowhead-like stem that interlocks when pushed together. Furthermore, the zipper closure makes these bags easy to open and close. The tight waterproof zips create a durable seal that prevents oxygen, moisture, and leakage from entering inside. The air-tight function enables the Zip Lock Bags to preserve the freshness of the content for a more extended period, allowing the multi-purpose of the Zip Lock Bags to be made possible. 

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  • Resealable
  • Reusable
  • Multi-purpose
  • Oxygen and moisture resistant
  • Leak-proof


Film Structure

Bag Style

Bag Size


Frozen Mango


Standing Pouch with Zipper

220 x 250 + 55

8 colours + varnish

Banana Dessert Microwavable/Self-Venting Seal


3 Side Seal

130 x 170

10 colours

Frozen Fried Chicken


3 Side Seal with Zipper

190 x 250

8 colours

Frozen Chicken


3 Side Seal

160 x 170

10 colours



3 Side Seal

65 x 75

4 colours

Retort Pasta Sauce


Standing Pouch

120 x 180 + 35

8 colours

Retort Tuna


3 Side Seal

200 x 300

8 colours

Retort Sweet Corn (microwavable)


3 Side Seal

130 x 300

No printing

Retort Stew Microwavable/Self-Venting Seal


Standing Pouch

130 x 150 x 35

3 colours