Retort pouches offer a modern alternative to traditional can and glass jar packaging, providing a thin, flexible container that boasts convenience and numerous benefits. These semi-rigid, leak-proof flexible pouches are manufactured from heat-resistant laminated plastic, enabling them to withstand temperatures up to 250ºC.

Versatile and Convenient Flexible Packaging

The versatility of retort pouches provides sterile packaging for a wide range of food products, including soups, sauces, and cook-in-a-bag meals. This makes them the go-to option for convenient, processed, and pre-packaged foods, surpassing the limitations of traditional canning methods.

With a composition typically consisting of four layers and FDA approval, these pouches are designed to ensure the utmost safety and quality. For exceptional durability, retort pouches undergo a sterilisation process that reinforces their packaging strength.

FDA-Approved with Multi-Layer Composition

The first layer of the retort pouch is made of propylene. This layer serves as a heat seal surface, providing both strength and flexibility to the pouch. The second layer consists of nylon, which adds excellent resistance to abrasion. This enhances the durability of the pouch, ensuring it can withstand the rigours of handling and transportation.

The third layer of the retort pouch is composed of aluminium foil. This layer acts as a protective barrier, shielding the contents from light, gases, microorganisms, and unwanted odours. The presence of aluminium foil significantly extends the shelf life of the product. Moreover, the stiffness of the aluminium foil enables the inclusion of a tear notch feature, offering convenience for opening the pouch.

The fourth layer is made of polyester, which brings valuable properties to the retort pouch. Polyester provides high-temperature resistance, ensuring the pouch can withstand heat treatment. Additionally, it contributes to the overall strength of the pouch, safeguarding the contents inside. Polyester also offers the opportunity to showcase vibrant printed graphics, allowing for attractive branding and product presentation.

Reinforced Packaging Strength with Enhanced Durability

Retort pouches offer a unique advantage by reducing heat exposure through their multi-layered construction. This preservation technique helps maintain and enhance the food product’s colour, aroma, taste, and shape while minimising nutrient loss. Moreover, the flexible nature of retort pouches, coupled with their ability to stand upright, ensures the integrity of the food composition, providing convenience and ease of use.

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  • Flexible Packaging: Semi-rigid and flexible
  • Protective Packaging: Oxygen and moisture resistant
  • Heat-resistant: Withstand high temperatures up to 250ºC.
  • Versatile packaging: Suitable for a wide range of food products.
  • Thin and flexible: Convenient for storage and transportation.
  • Leak-proof: Prevent spills and contamination.
  • Multi-layer composition: Provides strength and protection.
  • Extended shelf life: Preserves food freshness.
  • Tear notch feature: Easy opening convenience.
  • FDA-approved: Ensures food safety.
  • Preserves product quality: Maintains colour, aroma, taste, and shape.
  • Stand-up capability: Convenient storage and display.


Film Structure

Bag Style

Bag Size


Frozen Mango


Standing Pouch with Zipper

220 x 250 + 55

8 colours + varnish

Banana Dessert Microwavable/Self-Venting Seal


3 Side Seal

130 x 170

10 colours

Frozen Fried Chicken


3 Side Seal with Zipper

190 x 250

8 colours

Frozen Chicken


3 Side Seal

160 x 170

10 colours



3 Side Seal

65 x 75

4 colours

Retort Pasta Sauce


Standing Pouch

120 x 180 + 35

8 colours

Retort Tuna


3 Side Seal

200 x 300

8 colours

Retort Sweet Corn (microwavable)


3 Side Seal

130 x 300

No printing

Retort Stew Microwavable/Self-Venting Seal


Standing Pouch

130 x 150 x 35

3 colours