Gusset Pouch

A commonly used flexible packaging, the Gusset Pouch is a flexible pouch with an essential material, known as “gusset,” added to expand the pouches’ original capacity, create more volume, and strengthen its structure. The width, height, and bottom gusset are the three fundamental measurements of a gusset pouch. These gusset pouches come in a wide range of shapes and sizes within these three dimensions. Usually, the gusset is added to either the side of a bag, the Side Gusset Pouch, or the bottom of a pouch, the Bottom Gusset Pouch. The choice of the gusset pouch depends on the height and weight of the product required in the packaging.

Side Gusset Pouch VS Bottom Gusset Pouch

Side Gusset Pouches can be seen as widely sought-after by-products such as coffee, tea, and snacks due to the gussets added to the sides, running from the top to the bottom of the pouch. It creates more volume, maximising the pouch’s storage capacity. It also allows the bag and product to be readily displayed vertically and horizontally on the shelf without too much space.

On the other hand, the Bottom Gusset Pouches can often be seen as the most typically used pouch in the food industry. It can also be classified into three types: the Round Bottom, K-seal Bottom, and Plow Bottom Gusset Pouches, each with various fitting requirements. The Round Bottom Gusset is often used to pack products weighing less than 500 grams, whereas the K-seal and Plow bottom supports products weighing more than 500 grams. However, the K-seal and Plow bottom is that Plow bottom is typically used for flour and sugars.

Both the Side and Bottom Gusset Pouches are the ideal go-to packaging options for brands who need a complete packaging format to suit their products.

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  • Higher volume capacity than usual packaging solutions
  • Available as “Side Gusset Pouch” or “Bottom Gusset Pouch”
  • Oxygen & moisture resistant
  • Leak-proof


Film Structure

Bag Style

Bag Size


Frozen Mango


Standing Pouch with Zipper

220 x 250 + 55

8 colours + varnish

Banana Dessert Microwavable/Self-Venting Seal


3 Side Seal

130 x 170

10 colours

Frozen Fried Chicken


3 Side Seal with Zipper

190 x 250

8 colours

Frozen Chicken


3 Side Seal

160 x 170

10 colours



3 Side Seal

65 x 75

4 colours

Retort Pasta Sauce


Standing Pouch

120 x 180 + 35

8 colours

Retort Tuna


3 Side Seal

200 x 300

8 colours

Retort Sweet Corn (microwavable)


3 Side Seal

130 x 300

No printing

Retort Stew Microwavable/Self-Venting Seal


Standing Pouch

130 x 150 x 35

3 colours