Moisture Adsorbing Board (MAB)

A great alternative to the usual desiccant sachets when space is limited, Moisture Adsorbing Board (MAB) comes in a sheet form that can be cut into any size to fit into narrow spaces and prevent any contamination from desiccant dust.

  • It can be cut or punched to produce specific shapes or sizes
  • 3D thermoforming (creating a particular form) is possible
  • Uniform thickness and easy for packing
  • No loose desiccants from broken sachets/bags
  • Suitable for automatic filling in the packing process
  • Not water-soluble, corrosive, or deliquescent (dissolvable)
  • Easily fixed in place by mechanical retention
  • No dust is produced as it is contained in a plastic sheet
  • Moderate to long term hygroscopicity (water-absorbing capacity)
  • Printable sheet surface

The desiccant sheet is available in a standard sheet size of 295mm x 205mm x 1.6mm or the dimensions of an A4 sheet. The shape and size of the MAB allow customisation to meet specific requirements. Thus, this sheet-form desiccant is ideal for protecting against moisture and a high level of clean drying where space is limited. The typical adsorption value is 0.006 grams per cm2 to calculate the quantity of Moisture Adsorbing Board required. It is manufactured from polyethylene plastic with active Silica Gel, and the standard operating temperature of the MAB ranges between -40ºC to 70ºC.

Please find out more about Silica Gel from our blog and video.

  • Optional shapes and sizes
  • Uniform thickness
  • No loose desiccant
  • Can be printed
  • Flexible/thermo-formable
  • Long-term adsorption characteristic
  • Easy to fix by mechanical retention
  • Polymer: Polyethylene
  • Desiccant: Silica Gel (30%)
  • Operating Temperature: -40ºC to 70ºC
  • Adsorption Capacity (Nom): 8% – 10% by weight at 50% RH at 22oC
  • Adsorption Rate: 0.05 grams per 24 hours