Continuous Strip Desiccant

Stream Peak’s very own Continuous Strip Desiccants are made of high-quality desiccants that protect goods from being damaged due to moisture and gases. They come in a spool form, allowing them to be torn off easily for use.

Humi Dri Desiccants can be packed using different materials, including Paper, Tyvek, Clear Plastic, Hard Paper, Heatlon, Kraft Paper, Sewn Bags and Tear-Proof (TP) Fabric.

The desiccants available in Continuous Strip includes Non-indicating Silica Gel, Activated Alumina, Activated Carbon, Activated Clay, Molecular Sieve, Orange-indicating Silica Gel, Blue-indicating Silica Gel. Customisation is available as well.

For example, you can mix Non-indicating Silica Gel and Orange-indicating Silica Gel.

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