Cooler bags are an alternative to rigid foam packaging for shipping products while maintaining insulation. These temperature-controlled bags are inflatable thermal insulating liners that can easily convert a regular cardboard box into a cooler box. They can be filled with air or inert gases to enhance thermal performance.

Inflatable Thermal Insulating Liners

The cooler bags protect against temperature changes and offer adjustable insulation to accommodate various delivery methods and seasonal conditions.  The insulated bags are highly space-efficient, taking up only one-twentieth of the space of polystyrene before inflation. Their flexible design also helps absorb impacts during handling.

The thermal bags have excellent insulation capabilities, which minimises the need for numerous gel ice packs. Each cooler bag is assigned a unique barcode serial number, providing access to batch and manufacturing details throughout its usage. Depending on the configuration, products can remain cold for 12 to 120 hours.

  • Inflatable thermal insulating liners
  • Adjustable insulation
  • Space-efficient
  • Flexible design absorbs impacts
  • Excellent insulation capabilities
  • Unique barcode serial number
  • remain cold for 12 to 120 hours