VCI Reinforced Paper

Reinforced VCI Packaging Papers are strong, durable, and able to withstand harsh conditions and rough handling. Packaging provides heavy and large metal parts and components free from corrosion and secures the items during shipment. Reinforced VCI Packaging Papers and films ensure products are secure, corrosion and moisture-proof.

  • Designed to handle heavy loads and large pieces of metal and secure the products for export
  • Resistant to grease, oil, water and other contaminants
  • Tear and puncture-proof. Strong and durable for wrapping heavy pallets
  • Conforms to all shapes and sizes, including bulky equipment
  • Upon removing the packaging, products remain in excellent condition

Below is our comprehensive range:

VCI Paper (Steel Wrap)

VCI Paper (Steep Wrap) is a strong and durable laminate packaging consisting of a 40 lbs natural kraft impregnated with a unique blend of Uniwrap® MPI corrosion protection coating and excellent protection of ferrous and non-ferrous metals. The treated kraft is laminated with reinforcement scrim and polyethene to a 50 lb. natural kraft, offering heavy-duty moisture, strength and tear properties.

The VCI Packaging Paper (Steel Wrap) can withstand harsh conditions and rough handling. It protects heavy and large metal parts from corrosion and secures them during transit. Stream Peak’s reinforced VCI Papers and films keep products safe, moisture-proof and, most importantly, corrosion-free.

VCI Paper (Uniwrap Woven)

VCI Packaging Paper (Uniwrap Woven) provides excellent strength, tear and moisture resistance. The poly-reinforced VCI Packaging paper is ideal for coil wrap. It is strong, durable and can withstand harsh conditions.

  • 40lb/65gsm single-ply natural kraft
  • Polyethene laminated to a 10 x 3 woven HDPE fabric, polyethene top coated and saturated with Uniwrap MPI volatile corrosion inhibitor formulation for corrosion protection.
VCI Scrim

The PC50H & PC50MPI Scrim is manufactured with excellent tear strength, making them ideal for sheeting material, interleaving between pallets and heavy steel rolls, and wrapping irregularly shaped and bulky equipment. Strong and durable, the VCI Scrim can withstand harsh conditions and rough handling.

  • PC50H Scrim: Protection for ferrous metals: nitrite-free (white)
  • PC50MPI Scrim: Multi-metal protection (brown)
  • 50 lb. poly-coated, natural kraft
  • Reinforced with tri-directional scrim
  • Resists grease, oil and water
  • Works as an excellent barrier against contaminants in the environment that cause corrosion
  • VCI Paper (Steel Wrap)
  • VCI Paper (Uniwrap Woven)
  • VCI Scrim