VCI lubricating liquids are special types of lubricants that contain volatile corrosion inhibitors. These lubricating liquids are designed to provide lubrication and simultaneously protect metal surfaces from corrosion.

Prevent Corrosion on Metal Surfaces

VCI lubricating liquids work by releasing chemical compounds into the surrounding atmosphere. These compounds create a protective layer on the metal surfaces, which helps to prevent corrosion by inhibiting the electrochemical reactions that lead to rust and other forms of corrosion. The volatile nature of the inhibitors allows them to reach enclosed spaces and provide corrosion protection to hidden or hard-to-reach areas.

VCI lubricating liquids can be used in various industries where metal components are exposed to moisture, humidity, or other corrosive environments. They can be applied to various metal surfaces, including steel, aluminium, copper, and brass.

VCI Lubricating Oil (1100)

The VCI lubricating oil protects metals from corrosion in closed systems such as fuel tanks and hydraulic and coolant circulating systems. This process is achieved by preventing the build-up of condensation inside equipment during lay-up and preservation. The Nox-Rust 1100 is ready to use straight out of the pail or drum; when applied, oil removal is not required.

  • Protection Time: Up to 2 years indoors within an enclosed space
  • Appearance: Light golden lubricating oil
  • Metal Protection: Ferrous, iron, steel
VCI Lubricating Oil (1101)

The internal combustion engine VCI lubricating oil is used in enclosed systems with a combination of metals. The petroleum-based lubricating oil can be used at full strength in ferrous and non-ferrous metal systems, applicable in fuel tanks, gear housing, storage tanks, clutch compartments, crankcases and transmissions. It can also be fogged into shipping cases to provide unpainted auto and truck body sections protection from corrosion during shipments.

  • Protection Time: Up to 2 years indoors within an enclosed space
  • Appearance: Light golden lubricating oil
  • Metal Protection: Steel, iron, zinc, aluminium
  • Also available in convenient 11 oz. aerosol spray
VCI Lubricating Oil (1200)

The water-based VCI solution is made for closed systems. Phosphates, heavy metals and nitrites-free, this solution can preserve equipment and piping systems that need to undergo hydrostatic testing before shipping or storage. To use the water-soluble VCI, apply by fogging or spraying. The silica-free liquid leaves no residue. No special surface preparation is required before the equipment shutdown.

  • Protection Time: 1-5 years stored indoors in a sealed system
  • Appearance: Clear to tinted odourless liquid
  • Metal Protection: continuous protection for ferrous metals, compatible with copper and galvanised steel
  • Storage Conditions: Indoor
VCI Lubricating Film (4101)

The light oily film is designed to provide steel parts and equipment stored in humid conditions or areas where acids fumes are present, such as pickling operations from corrosion. Non-staining and water-displacing the 4101 can be applied easily by dip, spray, flow coat or brush. To remove the film layer, use petroleum solvent, caustic cleaner or steam.

VCI Lubricating Oil (9800)

The water-soluble, moisture-absorbing, fingerprint-removing VCI liquid is designed to spray or fog into closed spaces such as pipes, tanks and turbines. The liquid is also applicable in the process, during hydraulic testing, as a long-term rust inhibitor during lay-up or storage, or even for long periods of inactivity. Removal is not required.

  • Protection Time: 1-2 years indoor covered
  • Appearance: Clear, amber liquid
  • Metal Protection: Steel, iron, zinc, and aluminium
  • Storage Conditions: Outside, protected or unprotected
VCI Coating (CLV)

The water-based transit coating is designed to provide an environmentally safe, long-term preservative coating and edge protection for harsh environments. With low VOC, excellent high humidity, and salt spray protection, the safe code CLV is often used as a final corrosion prevention coating on metal parts before storage, shipment, and the protection of threaded bolt holes for outdoor equipment storage.

  • Protection Time: Up to 2 years covered outdoor; 5 years covered indoor
  • Appearance: Dry film is firm, waxy
  • Metal Protection: Ferrous metals
VCI Coating (CF)

The general-purpose, water-based rust preventive solution has a blend of inhibitors, emulsifiers, and surfactants deposited on a soft greasy film from a water emulsion system to protect ferrous metal surfaces, offering excellent high humidity and salt spray protection.

  • Protection Time: 2 years covered outdoors; 5 years covered indoor
  • Appearance: Deposits a soft, greasy amber film
  • Metal Protection: Steel, cast iron, ferrous alloys