Kraft Paper Void Fill System

Stream Peak’s Kraft Paper Void Fill System helps fill empty spaces in the packaging to secure goods and protect fragile products during shipment. Kraft paper delivers a sustainable and innovative solution for various packaging operations. Kraft paper void fills standard loose-fill packaging and cushioning material products. To protect products against impact damage, they are often wrapped in layers of kraft paper to fill up the void and cushioning. Being made of recycled fibres, they are environmentally friendly as well.

Kraft Paper Void Fill Systems can produce paper fillers in batches. Filled with 30 inches of 100% recyclable, eco-friendly paper, the system can efficiently operate at a dynamic speed without paper jams for the effective and seamless packaging of goods. The void paper equipment electrical systems automatically make creases and pads, saving time and material. The system has a different pre-set mode that allows operators to customise the paper width based on the paper-filling demand with configurable roll placement and paper handling. Operating on a footswitch & digital controls, the PLC touchscreen controller is flexible and can easily customise the speed to get the exact amount to fulfil the packaging needs. The machine is also versatile and adjustable, with multiple modes of operation to fit various factory and packaging needs, making the packaging process easier and more efficient.

Safety and productivity are built with priorities on the Kraft Paper Void Fill System. The machine is an eco-friendly, sustainable, cost-effective paper packaging solution to help shield products from transportation damage. Furthermore, the system features silent cutting and does not take up much space. With a portfolio of machines and paper options, the paper system has high stiffness and strong support for the product’s performance, fitting several applications.

  • Eco-friendly, sustainable
  • Convenient & easy to use
  • Adjustable & versatile to suit various industry needs
  • Customisable length & speed of paper
  • Efficient fan-folded paper, seamless usage
  • Footswitch & digital controls
  • Auto-repeat mode available
  • Available in small portable sizes & high-volume operations
  • Safe to use, with patented tear assists, no blades
  • Little to no jams