Static Shielding Bags

Static Shielding Bag, also known as Metal-In Bag or ESD Barrier Bag, is a specialised bag designed to prevent static electricity build-up and protect from electrostatic discharges (ESD). These packaging bags have multiple layers that protect the components from the effects of ESD. The inner layer is a static dissipative polyethylene wrapped by an aluminium shielding layer. The following layer is polyester, with an outer layer of a static dissipative coating. These bags provide Faraday Cage protection to the components against static charges both outside and inside. After the product has been packed and sealed, it can be shipped without the risk of electrostatic discharge. Different Static Shielding Bags are available according to the specific packing requirements. 

The Static Shielding Bag is ideal for protecting sensitive electronic components, products, and equipment vulnerable to electrostatic discharge (ESD) during transportation and storage. Due to the four-layer construction, these bags guard products against the inside and outside charges. They are ideal for sending static-sensitive products to customers because they are simple to load. The built-in plastic zip closure on the re-closable bags makes them easy to secure and reuse. Transparent static shielding bags allow recipients to quickly identify what is within the packaging without opening it, making them ideal for convenient storage and inventory. Static Shielding Bags are commonly used for packing and storing integrated circuits, printed circuit boards, hard drives, computer components, PCBs, and many other electrostatic products. The Static Shielding Bag can also be customised in its composition and layers to meet different business needs. 


  • For storage of electrical components 
  • Storing sensitive computer parts such as printer circuits, motherboards 
  • Enclosing ESD sensitive items 
  • Safe handling, storage, shipping, and transit of sensitive electric items 

Here at Stream Peak, we also offer other forms of packaging solutions for products. 

  • Protects product form electric fields
  • Suitable for packing sensitive electrical components
  • Customisable