Our chamber vacuum sealers are designed to meet various industries’ packaging requirements, including food processing and medical applications. The vacuum sealing machines’ sealers can accommodate as many bags per cycle as the length of the sealing bar allows.

Sealing Process Simplified

Built with premium materials and a robust chamber, this vacuum sealer is engineered to withstand frequent use in busy kitchens. Equipped with double vacuum chambers and longer seal lengths, the machine offers the added benefit of packaging larger quantities per cycle, thus significantly enhancing productivity.

Using a chamber vacuum sealer involves placing a filled bag or pouch onto the chamber’s bed, ensuring the open end rests on the sealing bar. The packaging begins automatically once the product has been placed with the chamber’s lid or hood closed. The sealer includes an emergency stop button and a cooling fan to prevent overheating during extended use.

High Level of Vacuum and Consistency

The vacuum pump removes air from the chamber, followed by a gas flush cycle and sealing. After the vacuum sealing cycle, the lid or hood of the vacuum packaging machine opens automatically. We include a selection of chamber vacuum sealer models that come in various sizes. From compact tabletop units to floor-standing machines with single or double medical vacuum chambers.

Operating Features

  • Use with pre-made vacuum bags
  • Available in a variety of chamber sizes to suit your needs
  • Powerful Busch vacuum pumps
  • Digital controls for fast adjustment
  • Soft air return to protect delicate products (VMS 153, 163, and 163W only)
  • Optional gas flush for modified atmosphere packaging
  • Very low residual oxygen
  • Designed to meet CE requirements


User Features

  • Smooth, stainless steel chamber is easy to clean
  • Clear cover lid to visually monitor progress
  • Compact design requires minimal space
  • Super dependable with an excellent return on investment
  • Industry-leading 3 years limited warranty


Set-up Features

  • Logical, user-friendly controls
  • Easy-to-read display
  • Convenient filler plates to adjust to your size requirement
  • Standard 115V electrical requirement
  • No compressed air or special connections required

Chamber Vacuum Sealer Product Brochure: Download

  • Trim seal for removing excess material above the seal
  • 3/16” Bi-active (top and bottom heated) seal for thick materials
  • Gas flush for modified atmosphere packaging
  • Multi-cycle: multiple vacuum and gas flush cycles prior to sealing
  • Gas plus: additional gas flushing time during the closing of the seal bars, making the bag slightly puffy
  • The vacuum level sensor maintains a stable vacuum every cycle