Improve packaging efficiency and reduce stretch film usage with an advanced stretch wrapping machine. Designed as an automatic pallet stretch wrapper, the industrial stretch wrapping machine ensures the safe and secure wrapping of pallet loads, resulting in smooth and hassle-free deliveries.

Precise Wrapping Adjustments

Compared to manual-wrap stretch films, the stretch wrapper provides a uniform and professional look, enhancing the overall appearance of pallets. The stretch film wrapping machine also has an automatic height sensor that detects the pallet’s height, allowing precise wrapping adjustments.

The turntable stretch wrapper comes with customisable configurations, enabling users to choose the required wrapping rounds. For instance, with a simple turn of the knob, users can select two layers of stretch film to wrap around the pallet, and the machine will handle the rest.

The pallet wrapper also comes with a soft start cycle function, preventing lighter-load pallets from toppling during the wrapping process, ensuring stability and integrity.

Ensuring Safe and Secure Pallet Wrapping

Use stretch wrapping machines to enhance efficiency, reduce costs, and protect products during transportation. The automatic wrapping machine support packaging operations by increasing the pallet wrapping process’s efficiency and minimising film costs while protecting products during transportation.

  • Uniform wrapping of pallets
  • Automatic height sensor
  • Soft start cycle for light loads
  • Increase efficiency
  • Reduced film costs
  • Power Voltage: 3P AC380V, 50/60Hz 1.0kW
  • Speed of Turnplate: 0 – 12r/min
  • Diameter of Turntable: ¢ 1500mm
  • Mast Height: H2400mm
  • Film: LLDPE film, width ≤ 500mm, out diameter ≤ 280mm
  • Pallet Size: Capacity – 1500kg, max height = mast height – 400mm
  • Package Size: 2650 x 1650 x 800mm
  • G.W/N.W.: 650kg/700kg
  • Optional: 1) Ramps, 2) Panel
  • Mechanical stretch and automatic pallet stretch wrapper: Soft start and stop function, turntable automatic home position, easy operation, Optoelectronic switch that automatically measures the height of goods, anti-tension, adjustable speed of lifting motor
  • Pre-stretch film wrapper with weight: Soft start/stop, automatic home position, PLC control, reliable performance, easy operation, optoelectronic switch with automatic pallet height adjusting function, weighing function
  • Mobile pallet wrapper: Battery charger and battery indicator, Top and bottom layers are adjustable, Sensor that detects pallet height, soft start emergency stop, adjustable speed
  • Horizontal stretch wrapping machine: Soft start and stop function, PLC control, reliable performance, easy operation
  • Forklift pallet wrapping machine: Battery charger and battery indicator, able to function for 8 hours after charging

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