ShockWatch tube is a packaging indicator that detects impact during storage and transportation and operates without needing an external power source. Once mounted on the packaging, it immediately starts monitoring shocks. The shock indicators are highly visible and turn bright red upon impact, serving as a visual alert.

Shock Indicator for Damage Detection and Prevention

ShockWatch tubes prevent potential issues such as misalignment, loss of product calibration, or warranty-related repair problems resulting from mishandling.

The selection of the appropriate packaging indicator is based on the impact amplitude and duration, which determine the damage profile of the product. Heavier products are more susceptible to damage caused by lower g amplitudes and longer durations, while lighter products are more vulnerable to higher g amplitudes and shorter durations.

  • Promoting Handling Care: Impact indicators help promote careful handling and reduce damage during storage and transportation.
  • Detection of Hidden Damage: ShockWatch Tubes can be embedded into PCBA (Printed Circuit Board Assemblies). The impact tubes prevent damage and serve as tools for detecting potential damage or de-calibration.
  • Quality Control Tool: Many products are received and inventoried for later use or distribution. Damage can lead to shortages or the distribution and usage of damaged or faulty products. By checking the ShockWatch Tube, users can determine if the product has been subjected to a potentially damaging impact, indicating the need for further inspection.
  • Indication Type: Visual, irreversible white-to-red colour change
  • Activation Method: Live at the point of manufacturing
  • Operating Temperature Range: -25°C to 80°C
  • Activation Angles: Near 360° impact sensitivity.  See Planar and 3D activation angle graphs.
  • Impact Duration: 0.5 to 50 msec
  • Accuracy: +15% at 20°C, 1 ATM
  • Responsiveness: Responds to Single Impact
  • Product Shelf life: 2 years from the date of manufacture when stored at 20°C, 1 ATM
  • Dimensions:
    • 0.675” +0.01” x 0.094” +0.002” Small Devices
    • 0.750” +0.01” x 0.135” +0.003” Large Devices
  • Large Devices (Lower sensitivities): T-85, T-75, T-65, T-55
  • Small Devices (Higher sensitivities): T-47, T-35, T-30
  • Weight – Varies by sensitivity: 0.2608 grams +5%  or less
Sensitivity: Available from 10 to 500G
Duration: Ranges 1 to 50ms
• Responds to a single impact beyond the desired threshold
• Possible to monitor for impacts on a 360° axis
Operation: 2 years from the date of sale, when stored at standard temperature and pressure (20°, 1 ATM)

ShockWatch Tube Product Brochure: Download