The Hygrometer is a Digital Temperature Indicator that monitors temperature and relative humidity. It is also known as a Thermo Hygrometer as it combines the features of a thermometer and a hygrometer. On their own, thermometers measure the temperature of an area, whereas hygrometers monitor humidity levels. It measures on a scale of 0 to 100% relative humidity, with 100% being saturated air. Dew Point is another value the hygrometer shows; it is a measure of when the water vapour in the air condenses to the point where it becomes liquid water. At that temperature, it is the saturation point of the air.

Combining both technologies in a single piece of equipment, the Hygrometer is an invaluable tool for many industries. The Hygrometer is versatile as it can take measurements, store them in memory and transfer data to a computer for further detailed analysis. The Hygrometer usually offers contactless working, which enables non-destructive measurements. This will allow users to analyse data over a long period.

Hygrometers are great for monitoring temperature and relative humidity, ideally used in hospitals, pharmacies, blood banks, greenhouses, clean rooms, and walk-in coolers. Hygrometers are very useful in evaluating the damage in a warehouse. Many warehouses need to be at an exact temperature with a specific humidity level. A temperature or humidity difference would mean the stored products get damaged or destroyed.

The Hygrometer features a large LCD screen capable of displaying maximum/minimum temperature readings that are °F/°C switchable. Other features include data holding, logging, infrared temperature measurements, RS232 output, printing capabilities, and more. Hence the Hygrometer can be a handy instrument. Some benefits of using a Thermo Hygrometer include its low cost, quick sensor response time, repeatability at ambient RH values and portability.

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  • Internal temperature and humidity sensors
  • External temperature probe
  • Freeze alert
  • °C/°F selectable
  • Jumbo display for temperature and humidity
  • Min/Max memory – lowest and highest readings stored for instant recall
  • Low battery indication

Hygrometer Product Brochure: Download