Nitrogen Enhanced Purging System 1900 Rack Mounted

NEPS1900 Rack Mounted is effective and efficient for purging dry nitrogen in various equipment such as electronic, optical, high voltage and laser systems.

The NEPS1900 RACK MOUNTED Nitrogen Purging System is designed to maximise the dry gas purging process for humidity removal and oxygen inhibition. This self-contained device is easily operated by connecting a dry gas source to the inlet connection and the equipment.

This user-friendly nitrogen purging system allows users to configure settings easily to view process control values and display dewpoint measurements in degree Celsius or Fahrenheit, with pressure in Kpa and psi. Prominent liquid displays provide constant information and readouts during operation.

The dewpoint monitor provides users with the dryness of the gas before commencing the purging operation. Its dewpointstat feature enables users to determine the amount of moisture contained within equipment before the purging procedure for production control.

When using the remove dewpoint sensor option, the NEPS1900 RACKED MOUNTED will monitor the dewpoint dryness progress and switch off and isolate the dry gas when the selected dewpoint is achieved.

A data logger can monitor the dewpoint degradation time, allowing users to calculate the water vapour transmission rate (WVTR) and determine the rate of water removal during the initial purging phase. The system operates from global country voltages and frequencies ranging from 100 to 230 VAC at 50-60 Hz. There is also a 24VDC version available.

The NEPS1900 RACKED MOUNTED is excellent for applications involving optical instruments, image intensifiers, thermal imaging, underwater equipment, electronic housings, and surveillance instruments.

  • Fits Standard 19 inch Racking
  • Easy to Use Single Connection Purging
  • Dewpoint and Pressure Readout
  • Remote Dewpoint Sensing Option
  • Portable and Robust
  • User Programmable
  • Automatic Purging Operation
  • Dewpointstat Gas Control
  • Dewpoint Display from +20°C to -80°C
  • NATO Approved
  • Maintainable Online

Useable Gases : Air, nitrogen, SF6, helium argon
Selectable Pressure Ranges : 10.3kpa/17.2kpa/34.4kpa
Display range pressure : 0 to 34.4kpa
Display range dewpoint: +20 to -80 degree/ +68F to -94F dewpoint/ 0.1 Degrees
Resolution : 0.1 degrees dewpoint
Accuracy : +/- 2 degrees dewpoint
Data output pressure : 0-5 volts
Data output Dewpoint : 0-5 volts
Power : 100-230 volt 50Hz – 60Hz
Power consumption : 3 Amps
Dimension : 490W x 425D x 190H (closed)
Weight : 6kg
Ingree protection: 1P54 (Closed case)
Operating temp : -10 to +50 degrees
Storage temp : -50 to 65 degrees Celsius
Proof pressure : Input 137kpa (20 PSI)
Flow rate : 20 litres/min
Optional extras See NEPS accessories

Nitrogen Enhanced Purging System 1900 Rack Mounted Product Brochure: Download