When recording temperature, having an accurate and user-friendly data logger is essential. The LogIC temperature recorder is equipped with either an LED or LCD screen; it provides instant notifications if the product’s efficacy or overall quality has been compromised due to temperature exposure.

Instant Notifications of Temperature Exposure

The LOG.IC temperature loggers are designed to meet various industries’ specific requirements, giving the flexibility to choose from different specifications. Their compact design allows for easy integration into packaging, ensuring convenience without sacrificing efficiency.

With the reliable and compact temperature monitoring solution, safeguard and protect products against damage. By simply plugging the I-PLUG data logger into a USB port upon receiving the shipment, a PDF containing the temperature data will be automatically generated and displayed on the screen to review.

  • Complete visibility to verify temperature compliance throughout the entire cold chain.
  • Convenient USB download for full-time/temperature data retrieval.
  • Available in both single-use and multi-use options.
  • The alarm status is displayed through LED or LCD.
  • Temperature and humidity monitoring capabilities.
  • The choice between needle or round probe.
  • Option for preset thresholds, if desired.


With Probe

Dry Ice Probe

 Temperature Measurement Range

-30°C to 75°C

(-22°F to 167°F)

-80°C to 75°C

(-112°F to 167°C)

 Temperature Accuracy

 -80°C to -30°C

-30°C to 2°C

2°C to 8°C

8°C to 75°C


± 0.5°C

± 0.5°C

± 0.5°C


± 1.0°C

± 0.5°C

± 1.0°C

± 3.0°C

± 1.0°C

± 1.0°C

± 1.0°C

 -112°F to -22°F

22°F to 36°F

36°F to 46°F

46°F to 167°F


± 1.0°F

± 1.0°F

± 1.0°F


± 2.0°F

± 1.0°F

± 2.0°F

± 6.0°F

± 2.0°F

± 2.0°F

± 2.0°F

 Threshold Settings

8 configurable excursions thresholds

 Memory Capacity

4000 logged data points/16 million histogram temperature readings

 Data Retrieval

USB plus RF

 Wireless Technology

Semi-passive RFID


NEMA 4 / IP 66

 Product Size

3.5in x 1.75in x 0.25in

(9cm x 5cm x 0.82cm)

2.28in x 2.28in x 0.07in

(5.79cm x 5.79cm x 0.17cm)

 Cable Length






 Battery Life

Up to 3 years


Factory-calibrated sensor, NIST-traceable (3-point)




Product Description

Part Number

 Single-Use Temperature Recorder


 Multi-Use Temperature Recorder (26 uses)


 Multi-Use Temperature Recorder / Stainless Steel Probe (26 uses)


 Multi-Use Temperature Recorder / Ribbon Probe  (26 uses)


 Multi-Use Temperature Recorder (255 uses)


 Single-Use Dry Ice Temperature Recorder / Ribbon Probe



  • Single-Use Temperature Recorder L-3100
  • Multi-Use Temperature Recorder (26 uses) L-3200
  • Multi-Use Temperature Recorder/Stainless Steel Probe (26 uses)
  • L-3210 Multi-Use Temperature Recorder/Ribbon Probe (26 uses)
  • L-3230 Multi-Use Temperature Recorder (255 Uses) L-3300

LOG.IC Product Brochure: Download