Uniqueness of Our Safety Cutters

Uniqueness of Our Safety Cutters
Published On:September 27, 2019 Revised On:June 6, 2023

Our Easy Cut and Pocket Cutter Series holds a whole range of Safety Cutters. Each cutter differentiates itself with features unique to its series. All safety cutters from both series have three features in common: Ergonomic (Designed for efficiency and comfort in the workplace), Ambidextrous (User-Friendly for both right-hander/left-hander), and Trigger Activated (Blade appears when the trigger is pressed).

Other features are:

  1. Blade Vanishing Technology
  2. Multiple Blade Depth Design
  3. Single Blade Depth SettingSafety Cutter
  4. Blade Lock
  5. Radius Blunt Tip
  6. Replacement Blade Storage
  7. Dual Sided Edge Guide
  8. Auto Edge Guide Deployment
  9. Magnetic

These features of the different series cater to the needs of our users from industries such as Aerospace, Defense, Electronics, Engineering & Machinery, Food, Logistics, Pharmaceuticals, and Power & Refinery.

To choose the most suitable Safety Cutter for your organisation, view our Features Guide and watch a video about Safety Cutters here!