Forklift Monitoring Solutions for Safety
Published On:April 27, 2018 Revised On:February 24, 2023

Forklift Monitoring Solutions for Safety

Imagine yourself driving, and just as you are about to crash into something, a warning alarm sounds – allowing you to stop and avoid injury, financial damages, or even death. Sounds too good to be true? You might already have sat in a vehicle that has it! Forward Collision Warning (FCW) is progressively being rolled out in cars all over the world. Even our SBS Transit buses are fitted with these sensors that alert drivers when a collision is imminent, so drivers can quickly take steps to prevent an accident. However, all these cater mainly to vehicles on the road. Is there anything similar for industrial spaces and vehicles? Especially with vehicular-related accidents being the top cause of workplace fatalities in 2017, a safety solution is required.

The answer – Forklift Monitoring Systems. The Forklift Monitoring System is a comprehensive system that attaches a warning alarm to forklifts, vehicles, pedestrians, and even structures within an area, setting off an alarm when a forklift comes too close to one of them. This system alerts the driver and allows him to take precautions.

Monitoring System Attached to the Forklift and Pedestrians


The alarm will keep sounding on the forklift side until the emergency brake is pulled and will resume if the brake is released while pedestrians are still nearby. Pedestrians should then walk out of the vehicle’s radius into a safe zone while structures – being stationary and unable to move – can be carefully avoided. More than product damages, work accidents hurt productivity, morale and can incur massive compensation costs or safety investigations. As such, it is within a company’s interest to prevent accidents!

Main Perks of this System?

  • Alerts drivers
  • Alerts people to their surroundings
  • Protects buildings and structures from harm

Of course, the system has many more features than that! Such as Access Monitors that only open access doors to individuals wearing the personal alarm or Impact Managers that monitor vehicle usage and impact levels, increasing accountability. In short, if you’re serious about safety in your workplace – especially if you have heavy machinery moving around frequently – the Forklift Monitor System is a definite must-get.

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