Forklift Monitoring System (Workplace Safety)
Published On:August 20, 2019 Revised On:January 11, 2023

Forklift Monitoring System (Workplace Safety)

Statistics show that approximately 85% of casualties, 34,900 critical injuries, and 61,800 non-serious damages related to forklift use happen in the United States alone every year. However, based on the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) estimates, 75 percent of these life-and-death scenarios are preventable. You can feel the peace of mind in your manufacturing plant that uses forklifts through the Forklift Monitoring System that Singapore-based firm Stream Peak International proudly offers.

What is the Stream Peak Forklift Monitoring System?

As a business owner whose enterprise employs forklifts, you are well aware of the hazards that these pieces of industrial equipment entail. Forklifts can collide with innocent pedestrians who are just passing by your manufacturing plant. Furthermore, they can accidentally harm your warehouse assets like your workers, products, and infrastructure. Nonetheless, you should not worry anymore because resolving these problems is the primary mission of the Stream Peak Forklift Monitoring System. It is composed of 22 state-of-the-art devices that stop workplace accidents from happening and, more importantly, help save precious human lives.

What Devices does the Forklift Monitoring System Include?

The Stream Peak Forklift Monitoring System consists of 22 technologically advanced machines. They are the following:

  1. Access Monitor
  2. Area Monitor
  3. Battery Chargers
  4. Check-Out System
  5. Collision Avoidance Module
  6. EquipManager
  7. ImpactManager® Radio Frequency and Identification
  8. MAC-A system
  9. MAC-Z System
  10. Magnetic Field Generator System – Complete
  11. Micro-switch Connector
  12. Mounting Options for Standard Generator
  13. Personal Alarm Device (PAD)
  14. Personal Alarm Device (PAD) Test Station
  15. Pouch for Personal Alarm Device
  16. Room Silent Zone and Jammer
  17. Silent SPOT
  18. Structure Monitor
  19. Warning Module – Light Only
  20. Warning Module – Light and Sound
  21. XL Magnetic Field Generator System – Complete
  22. XL Personal Alarm Device

You can count on these devices because they guarantee safety in forklift-using workplaces.

How do these Pieces of Safety Equipment Work?

Stream Peak Forklift Monitoring System is a comprehensive collision-avoidance solution. Industrial operators can attach various devices to their forklifts, including patented, low-frequency magnetic technology. This advantage can eliminate blind spots because these machines can perform hazard detection through impenetrable walls, racks, and structures.

How do these Safety Devices Safeguard the Workers and the Public?

The Stream Peak Forklift Monitoring System ensures a safe distance between the people passing by and the forklifts. Forklift operators and passersby may feel sleepy or distracted, lose consciousness, and cannot keep their presence of mind. These scenarios expose these people to risk. You can count on the Stream Peak Forklift Monitoring System because these devices relay audio or visual alerts as soon as they identify dangerous situations. During an accident, the gadget captures essential information like the forklift driver’s ID, the severity of the impact, the location and time of the incident, etc. These details are available for analysis and downloading, enabling your company to enhance its accident-prevention strategies.

Moreover, the Stream Peak Forklift Monitoring System facilitates controlling entry to your manufacturing complex’s work locations and equipment. Hence, only trained or authorised staff can access such sensitive sections. The Stream Peak Forklift Monitoring System certainly makes the operation of a safer and cost-effective working environment possible.

You do not have to wait any longer. You can stop forklift accidents from causing massive damages to your business and the public by contacting us for more information now! Watch this video to learn more about Stream Peak’s Forklift Monitoring System.