Work at ease with Safety Cutters

safety cutter

Safety is vital. An accident-prone work environment invites unnecessary casualties. You and your employees will be on the constant lookout for hazards and won’t be able to work with a peace of mind. Being under pressure can lead to causing damage to goods when unboxing.

Lighten your burden with our Safety Cutters! 

Stream Peak offers 2 Safety Cutter Series, the Easy-Cut, and Pocket Cutter, each carrying 7 and 3 versions of the cutters, respectively. All our Safety Cutters are ambidextrous, meaning equally comfortable to use for both Left and Right-handers. More features of the Safety Cutters are trigger activated, blunt tip, and blade vanishing technologies.

It’s a known fact of how a pen knife works. Our Safety Cutters differentiate itself with features like blade replacement storage, multiple blade depth design, a dual-sided edge guide, and auto edge guide deployment. All these features are put together into a simple look and user-friendly Safety Cutters.

Our Safety cutters are specially designed, prioritizing the safety of our users. Compare and Select a Safety Cutter most suitable for your company.

Unbox your products safely, damage-free, and at ease!