What Are Slip Sheets and Why You Need Them ?

what are slip sheets

The slip sheet is a common packaging material used in the commercial shipping industry. The forklift accessory is deployed during the handling of materials to ensure maximum space utilization. These slip sheets of plastic, heavy paperboard or corrugated, solid fibre are thin and shaped like pallets. A slip sheet is, in fact, a type of pallet support device that helps in the delivery of vehicles and the transportation of products. Pallet boards, flat load-carrying surfaces, or forklifts, embedded on the slip sheet, enable to secure transport of shipments. Since there is minimal human intervention, the work is more safe, seamless, and efficient. Moreover, slip sheets lead to effective space utilization, increased cleanliness, fewer injuries, and cleanliness.

Slip sheets, just like pallets, come with their advantages and disadvantages. But first, let’s have a glance at their benefits. First up, if you compare slip sheets with pallets, they are much cheaper. Slip sheets are also easily disposable. Moreover, you don’t need to track or repair slip sheets. They are environmentally friendly and can be recycled as well.

Slip sheets are extremely lightweight due to their composition and thin structure. Hence, you can easily store and transport them from one place to another. Because they of the slip sheet size, they maximize vertical storage space. When you use slip sheets, your warehouse will be better organized and tidy. The import of pallets leads to rodent infestations, which is the leading cause of contamination in industrial storage areas. Since slip sheets do not have extra nooks and crannies, there is no space for rats or mice to enter, stay, and breed. There are also reduced chances of cross-contamination because of their disposable nature.

Finally, usage of slip sheets reduces the risk of fire-related accidents; the reason that the area of wooden pallet storage reduced. 

Now that we understand the benefits, here are a few disadvantages of using slip sheets. While using slip sheets, a push/pull attachment is required to install to the lift truck. And these accessories are costly. Moreover, since the handling of such attachments needs expert hands, you will also require training for the operators. Furthermore, the structural support provided by slip sheets is less when compared to pallets.

To round it all up, the decision on the use of slip sheets would highly depend on the type of application. Slip sheets are available in three different materials: plastic, heavy laminated Kraft paperboard, and corrugated fibreboard. Therefore, it is vital that we know which packaging material that is best suited in our facility. To help with the decision we will look into factors such as determining the weight and dimensions of the load, the number of times the goods required to move, working conditions, humidity levels, availability of a freezer. If you have any further questions, you can always reach out to us at enquiry@streampeak.com.sg. We will be happy to help you out!