Protect Products Against Corrosion
Published On:November 1, 2019 Revised On:January 11, 2023

Protect Products Against Corrosion

Are you having problems with corrosion against your products against rust on metal components such as steel, copper, zinc, and multi-metals in general?

VCI EmittersPrevent corrosion with VCI Emitters on metal parts during packaging for more reliable storage and transportation. VCI Emitters provides excellent corrosion protection, assuring users all-rounded security of goods upon storage and transit. VCI Emitters comes in small disk form. They are thin, lightweight, and work effectively in tight and hard-to-reach enclosed spaces. VCI Emitters are easy to use. Remove the adhesive strip on the back and stick it onto a flat surface. VCI Emitters is activated immediately once placed inside the enclosure. VCI particles will be released to form a protective coating on the exterior of the metal.

VCI Emitters commonly used applications are in control panels, electrical cabinets, or any place where the exposed metal is in danger of corroding. VCI Emitters will not hinder high voltage activity. VCI Emitters will allow protection on the metal parts, including enclosed spots which prevent moisture, hydrogen sulfides, salt, dirt, oxygen, or other contaminants from depositing on the metal and resulting in corrosion. The speed of the depositing would depend on the temperature and space required.

When opening the packaging with the VCI Emitters, products do not require any cleaning before usage. Users are reminded to wear gloves while handling and keep the products as clean as possible during installation. For best protection, keep the metal parts as close to the product. VCI Emitters are safe, economical, easy to apply, provide long-term protection against corrosion, even in the presence of moisture, and compatible with the environment.

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