Corrosion-Free Metals with VCI
Published On:October 7, 2019 Revised On:January 13, 2023

Corrosion-Free Metals with VCI

Corrosion prevention is essential. Taking steps to safeguard your metal components from corroding can reduce the losses incurred by your company. This is assured with the use of Volatile Corrosion Inhibitors (VCI). VCI comes in different forms to cater to various industries: Aerospace, Automotive, Chemicals, Defence, Military, Electronics, Power & Refinery, Machinery, Engineering, and Electronics. From big metal parts to the smallest components can be kept corrosion–free with the right VCI solution. All of our VCI products are environmentally friendly & cost-effective. The different types of VCI are:

VCI Papers

They are specially devised for four types of metals, Ferrous (contains iron), Non-Ferrous (does not contain iron), multi, and specialty metals. Some examples are Ferrous metals (steel, nickel, iron), Non-Ferrous metals (Aluminium, Copper, Zinc), multi-metals (Alloys), and specialty metals (silver). Different VCI Papers are formulated to suit these metals to ensure corrosion protection.

VCI Aerosols

They come in a spray can for convenience and easy usage. When sprayed, the coating forms a residual film to prevent corrosion, even on secluded parts of metal in your equipment.

VCI Papers

VCI Emitters

They are available in the form of chips, packets, discs, and foam. The specialty of these emitters is, it gives out VCI compounds. These devices are inserted in enclosed areas to allow the compounds to reach every part of the equipment and form a protective layer on sensitive components (e.g., chipboards). By doing so, oxidation and corrosion are prevented.

VCI for Military

They ensure protection from corrosion and moisture as these may cause damage and malfunction to weapons and equipment the troop possesses.

VCI Powder

The VCI Powder is water; soluble, works effectively on ferrous and non-ferrous, and can also be used without mixing in water. For dry application, sprinkle or fog the powder and close or seal. To remove it, use compressed air or flush with water. The solution can be sprayed, brushed, or the equipment can be dipped in it for wet applications.

VCI Liquid

The VCI Liquids is a bio-based corrosion preventive coating. This liquid is suitable to safeguard pipes, transport equipment, and other metal parts from corrosion.

VCI Bag/Pouch

The VCI Bag/Pouch is a protective packaging that diffuses VCI to safeguard ferrous and non – ferrous metals from corrosion. This pouch is available in sizes 2 inches up to 150 inches. Moreover, it is simple to use, and components stored will be in ready-to-use conditions.

VCI Film

The VCI Film works like the VCI Pouch. In addition to that, there are different films for various uses and even available in transparent colour, which allows easy inspection. Our VCI Films are customised to fulfill your needs.

ClearPak Bio

This is an environmentally-friendly VCI Film. It is made from natural resources to protect your metal components from corrosion during shipping and storage.

With that, safeguard your goods with the suitable VCI, and rest assured! Watch a video about Volatile Corrosion Inhibitors (VCI) here.

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