Protect Your Food with O Sorb

oxygen absorber

Too many mooncakes leftover? Worried it would spoil?

Store your mooncakes without worrying about its shelf life and freshness. Place a sachet of O Sorb in your food packaging, and your goodies are safe from food spoilage.

Oxygen absorber retains the original quality of food products and eliminates oxygen in food packaging. Stream Peak’s oxygen absorbers are non-toxic, odorless, safe, and simple to use.

Moreover, taste and freshness are retainedcolor change in food and growth of mold are prevented, and most importantly, oxygen absorbers increase shelf life of food products.

In addition to the O sorb, high-quality food packaging films will act as a barrier against moisture and oxygen. At Stream Peak, food packaging films can be customized according to your requirements. Food packaging includes microwavable pouches with a single flap for steam to be released, retort pouches, and transparent pouches to allow visibility of the contents inside the bag.

With that, celebrate this festive season to the fullest with fresh and flavourful mooncakes.

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