Easy-Cut 2000 Series

The Easy-Cut 2000 Series features a straight blade length which ensures a more accurate cut, and has the same benefits and safety features as the 1000 and 2000 series. Besides having the same benefits and safety features as the 1000 series, the Easy-Cut 2000 offers product enhancements, including a longer blade for damaged boxes, a patented radius-blunt tip blade, multiple blade-depth settings, an ergonomic handle, unique snap-on lanyard for lost-cutter prevention, and on-board blade storage.

Other notable features include a tape splitter at the end of the knife to quickly cut tape without a sharpened blade and an edge guide that is automatically deployed for easy cutting. With the Easy-Cut 2000 Series, get accurate, top cuts while ensuring user safety and minimising damage costs. It is used by manufacturing facilities and in warehouses worldwide. Direct purchase is available from our online store. Feel free to contact us for bulk quantities, custom sizes, or special printing requirements.

  • 3 blade-depth settings
  • Radius-blunt tip blade
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Back-up blade storage
  • Clip-on holster and lanyard
  • Tape splitter
  • Automatic edge guide
  • Dimensions (L x D x H): 18.0cm x 3.8cm x 5.0cm
  • Unit Weight: 3.5 oz
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