The proximity detection system enhances safety in industrial workplaces using mobile equipment such as forklifts. Using a low-frequency magnetic field, the pedestrian detection system actively creates a detection zone around the mobile equipment.

Equipped with proximity sensors, the mobile equipment triggers alarms when it detects pedestrians within the detection zone. The forklift system offers a solution to prevent accidents and safeguard the well-being of workers in these industrial workplaces.

Creating a Safe Zone for Pedestrians

The proximity alert system is accurate and precise, ensuring minimal false alarms. It can be customised to suit the specific needs of each industry, and it is compatible with a wide range of mobile equipment, including forklifts, reaches trucks, and other industrial vehicles.

In addition to providing a safe working environment, the forklift safety system helps to increase productivity by allowing multiple pedestrians and machines to operate in the same area without compromising safety. The system is also easy to install and requires minimal maintenance, making it a cost-effective solution for businesses looking to improve their operational efficiency while maintaining high levels of safety.

Preventing Accidents in Industrial Workplaces

The proximity alert system is ideal for manufacturing facilities, warehouses, ports, and docks, where pedestrian safety is a top priority. The forklift alert device promptly detects potential collisions between pedestrians and mobile equipment. This enables timely intervention and effective accident prevention.

With its technology, customisable options, and scalability, the forklift system is a reliable and efficient way to prevent accidents and ensure the safety of workers in industrial workplaces.

  • Pulsed magnetic fields can travel through walls, racks, and other obstructions
  • Multipath or reflections common with radio signals are avoided
  • 360-degree protection zone created for pedestrians, mobile equipment, and structures
  • Clear, simultaneous audible and visual warnings for both operators and pedestrians
  • 2 distinct detection zones: Warning and Danger
  • Detection ranges can easily be adjusted using a handheld device

Personal Alarm Devices (PAD)

Personal alarm devices (PAD) detect pedestrians and prevent collisions. Pedestrians wear these systems, which contain sensors that detect magnetic fields emitted by the vehicle-mounted generator. Once detected, the sensors alert pedestrians and vehicle operators to the potential danger.

The alarms are classified into warning zone (Yellow) and danger zone (Red). When a pedestrian is detected in the warning zone, the sounder emits three beeps and activates the LED light. If the pedestrian is in the danger zone, the sounder gives a continuous beep and LED light to alert the operator and pedestrian of the danger.

XL Personal Alarm Device

The extra loud personal alarm device (XL PAD) is ideal for workspaces with extremely loud noises. Its design includes a clip-on LED light for shirts or vests and can register at a minimum of 100dB when placed within 4 inches of a person’s ear.

Similar to the personal alarm device (PAD), pedestrians wear the XL PAD, which contains sensing elements that detect magnetic fields. When a pedestrian is detected in the warning zone (Yellow) or danger zone (Red), the sounder will provide clear, simultaneous audible and visual warnings to the pedestrian and vehicle operator.

In the warning zone, the sounder produces a series of three beeps and activates the LED light, while in the danger zone, it produces a continuous beep and LED light. This ensures that pedestrians know the vehicle’s proximity and can take appropriate precautions to avoid potential collisions.

Avoidance Module (CAM)

The collision avoidance module (CAM) is a truck add-on component that functions as a personal alarm device. It works in conjunction with the magnetic field generator or the XL magnetic field generator by sensing their magnetic fields to determine the proximity of other trucks.

When it detects another truck nearby, it sends an alarm to alert the other truck of its presence. This module is essential for preventing collisions between trucks and is required for the MAC-A System. The CAM senses the magnetic field of the MAC and triggers an alarm to those working under the MAC to alert them of the truck’s presence in the protected area.