The battery monitoring system is an add-on component to the forklift monitoring system that delivers crucial insights to fleet and warehouse managers. It provides information on battery conditions, allowing managers to act, monitor, and report on them.

The system extends battery life and utilisation and meets Material Handling Equipment (MHE) utilisation and maintenance goals while lowering asset and maintenance costs. It offers three insights to identify ways to improve battery life and utilisation, lower operational costs, and improve the bottom line.

Maximise Battery Life and Life Cycles

  • Reducing extra charging and charging cycles
  • Reducing premature pull-off
  • Reducing overcharging
  • Identify the reason why the truck battery energy drains out very fast
  • Identify problem operators that do not handle the batteries with care
  • Identify batteries that are under or over-used
  • Analysing battery performance
  • Providing data that can be used for cost/benefit analysis and KPI development

Reduce the Cost of Charging Batteries

  • Monitoring the number of frequent charging, charging time and battery energy to identify areas of improvement
  • Calculating the cost of amp/hrs
  • Scheduling charging to minimise cost and improve fleet optimisation

Maximise Battery Utilisation

  • Distinguishing batteries with low utilisation rates
  • Optimising charge timing
  • Scheduling charging to minimise cost and enhance fleet optimisation