Non-ferrous metals are metals that do not contain iron, such as aluminium, copper, brass, bronze, and various alloys. VCI paper for non-ferrous metals is specifically designed to provide corrosion protection for these types of metals.

Corrosion Protection for Metals

Volatile corrosion inhibitor paper releases volatile corrosion inhibitors into the surrounding environment. The anti-rust inhibitors form a protective layer on the metal surface, preventing corrosion-causing substances like moisture, oxygen, and other contaminants from reaching the metal. The VCI molecules vaporize and migrate to the metal surface, creating a barrier inhibiting corrosion.

VCI paper for non-ferrous metals is made of high-quality kraft paper and a VCI formulation. The paper is impregnated or coated with VCI chemicals to ensure effective corrosion protection. It is available in various forms, such as sheets, rolls, or bags, which can be used to wrap or package individual metal components or larger objects.

Anti-Rust Packaging Solution

When using VCI paper for non-ferrous metals, the paper should be placed close to the metal objects, ideally in an enclosed space, to allow the VCI molecules to form a protective layer around the metal surfaces. This helps to prevent corrosion during storage, transportation, or other periods of inactivity.

VCI Paper (Alumitex)

This VCI paper provides contact corrosion protection to ferrous and non-ferrous metals, including aluminium, galvanised steel and lead alloys. The paper protects ferrous and non-ferrous metals from corrosion and damage.

  • 35lb/57gsm single-ply natural kraft, unprinted
  • Saturated with a unique blend of corrosion-inhibiting formulation
  • Prevents water spotting and corrosion when in contact with metal
  • Use as an interleaver
  • Nitrite-free

VCI Paper (Coppertex)This VCI paper protects copper, brass, bronze, and other copper alloys from tarnish and corrosion. The paper protects ferrous and non-ferrous metals from corrosion and damage.

  • 35lb/57 gsm² natural kraft
  • Saturated with a unique blend of corrosion-inhibiting formulation
  • Nitrite-free
  • Use an interleaver for wrapping copper sheets and tubing, as a wrap for copper wire and cable, and to individually wrap parts and components used in automotive and electronics assemblies.

VCI Paper (Silver Saver)This VCI paper meets worldwide standards in protecting silver from tarnish. It protects silver and other metals without leaving residue on the surface. Besides, it is non-toxic, safe, and easy to use.

  • Sulfur-free
  • It will not affect solder, conductivity or surface resistivity.
  • Protects silver, gold, and noble metals from tarnish by absorbing hydrogen sulfide and other elements in the environment
  • Designed for use in storing and shipping electrical components, wire, aerospace and automotive components