VCI Paper Multi Metal

Multi-metal equipment and parts are in great demand. StreamPeak has a wide selection of VCI Packaging papers for a wide range of multi-metal equipment and parts. Top-quality kraft papers are embedded with the formula of uniquely blended corrosion inhibitors, which prevents corrosion on ferrous and non-ferrous products, including cadmium, zinc and galvanised steel.

Below is our comprehensive range:

VCI Paper (Uniwrap Woven)

Strong and durable, our VCI Packaging Papers can withstand harsh conditions. VCI Packaging Paper (Uniwrap Woven) provides excellent strength, tear and moisture resistance. The poly-reinforced VCI Packaging Paper is ideal for coil wrap.

  • 40lb/65gsm single-ply natural kraft
  • Polyethene laminated to a 10 x 3 woven HDPE fabric, polyethene top coated and saturated with Uniwrap MPI volatile corrosion inhibitor formulation for corrosion protection.

VCI Paper (Unwrap)

VCI Packaging Paper (Uniwrap) is a universal corrosion inhibitor specially designed to protect metals and equipment from corrosion damage. The VCI Packaging Paper (Uniwrap) best suits ferrous, non-ferrous and multi-metal combinations.

Uniwrap UW33MPI Wax VCI Paper

Mouldable and durable, the UW33MPI VCI Paper is designed to wrap ferrous and non-ferrous metal parts during storage and shipment. The VCI Packaging Paper provides an excellent moisture barrier and is tear and puncture-resistant.

  • 35lb/57gsm² natural kraft
  • Saturated with multi-metal corrosion inhibitor formulation
  • Ideal for hand-wrapping automotive parts and fabricated metal components
  • Wax coating for hand-wrapping small parts makes the paper moldable and moisture-resistant.
Uniwrap UW35MPI VCI Packaging Paper

This VCI Paper is designed for general-purpose corrosion protection of ferrous/non-ferrous metals, including cadmium, zinc, and galvanised steel, without needing surface-applied oils or rust preventive liquids.

  • 35 lb/57 gsm² natural kraft
  • Saturated both sides with multi-metal volatile corrosion inhibitor formulation
  • Provides corrosion protection for a combination of metals, including cast iron, mild carbon steel, copper, brass, nickel-plated steel, zinc, and zinc galvanised
  • Also available in other basis weights, wax-coated and poly-coated, plus chips
Uniwrap 40PCMPI VCI Packaging Paper

The 40PCMPI VCI Paper provides excellent corrosion protection for ferrous and non-ferrous metals, including zinc-galvanised and cadmium steel. The poly-coated material works as a moisture barrier against corrosion-carrying elements.

  • 40 lb/65 gsm² natural kraft paper, poly-coated
  • Formulated with multi-metal corrosion inhibitor
  • Keep parts clean, dry, and ready to use
Uniwrap 200 VCI Packaging Paper

This paper is designed for general-purpose wrapping of ferrous/non-ferrous metals, including iron, steel, cast iron, tin, zinc, zinc galvanised, aluminised, lead and copper-plated.

  • 35 lb/57gsm Natural kraft
  • Saturated with nitrite-free multi-metal corrosion inhibitor formulation
  • Provides long-term corrosion control for metals
  • VCI Nitrite free VCI Packaging paper
Steelwrap MPI
  • A laminate, natural kraft impregnated with VCI coating for excellent protection of ferrous and non-ferrous metals.
  • The treated kraft is laminated with reinforcement scrim and polyethene to a 50 lbs natural kraft, offering heavy-duty moisture, strength and tear properties.
  • Easy to use in difficult-to-reach voids and spaces

VCI Scrim

Strong and durable, the VCI Scrim can withstand harsh conditions and rough handling. The PC50H & PC50MPI Scrim is manufactured with excellent tear strength, making them ideal for sheeting material, interleaving between pallets and heavy steel rolls, and wrapping irregularly shaped and bulky equipment.

  • PC50H Scrim: Protection for ferrous metals: nitrite-free (white)
  • PC50MPI Scrim: Multi-metal protection (brown)
  • 50 lb. poly-coated, natural kraft
  • Reinforced with tri-directional scrim
  • Resists grease, oil, and water
  • Works as an excellent barrier against contaminants in the environment that cause corrosion
VCI Paper (Uniwrap Woven)
VCI Paper (Uniwrap)
  • Uniwrap UW33MPI Wax VCI Paper
  • Uniwrap UW35MPI VCI Packaging Paper
  • Uniwrap 40PCMPI VCI Packaging Paper
  • Uniwrap 200 VCI Packaging Paper
  • Steelwrap MPI
VCI Scrim