Anti-rust VCI spray protects metal surfaces from corrosion or rust. VCI sprays contain chemical compounds that release vapour or form a protective layer on the metal surface, inhibiting the oxidation process that leads to rust formation.

Protect Metal Surfaces with VCI

VCI sprays work through adsorption, where the chemicals in the spray form a thin molecular layer on the metal surface. This layer acts as a barrier, preventing moisture and oxygen from coming into contact with the metal and causing corrosion. The VCI molecules continuously release vapour, ensuring long-lasting protection against rust.

VCI sprays can be used in industrial, automotive, and marine applications to protect metal components, equipment, machinery, tools, and other metal objects from rust during storage or transportation. They are easy to apply and can be used on various metals, including steel, iron, aluminium, and brass.

Long lasting Rust Protection

VCI sprays are safe to use and do not leave any residue or require additional cleaning before use or assembly. While THE sprays provide effective corrosion protection, they are not meant to repair or restore rusted surfaces. If a metal surface is already corroded, removing the rust mechanically or chemically is advisable before applying an anti-rust volatile corrosion inhibitor.

Heavy Duty Outdoor Protection (3100)

Prevent rust from forming on equipment stored or transported in severe environments and temperatures. It dries to a brown, transparent, waxy coating that forms a barrier against corrosion-causing elements in the atmosphere. The anti-rust spray prevents Corrosion on unpainted metal parts, exposed equipment, hinges, tooling etc.

VCI Corrosion Preventive Lubricant (1101)

The VCI lubricating oil and corrosion preventive protects metals inside closed systems, including combustion engines, piping, motors, cylinders, heating, and cooling systems. The vaporising rust inhibitors in the interior cavities and recesses keep them corrosion-free.

Industrial Corrosion Protection (5400)

Ideal for all-purpose industrial corrosion inhibitor lubricant widely used by transportation industries for many years. Ideal for protecting multi-metal surfaces that are stored indoors.

Indoor Rust Inhibitor ( 5200)

The Nox-Rust 5200 is a corrosion prevention spray for metals stored indoors for long periods, such as automotive parts, bearings, equipment, machine components, speciality, and spare parts. The heavy, oily film will protect outdoor equipment for up to 6 months.

Corrosion Protection for Precision Parts (5300)

The ready-to-use corrosion preventive liquid spray protects the internal workings of equipment and machinery while in storage. It will displace water and saline solutions from vulnerable metal surfaces where corrosion could occur, leaving a protective oily film. The water-displacing VCI liquid protects the interior surfaces of machined parts, unpainted metal surfaces, engines, equipment and machinery in storage.

Metalwork Corrosion Preventive (7100)

The general-purpose corrosion preventive spray for most industrial plant operations. It displaces moisture and will not emulsify with the oil. The liquid dries to a transparent, non-staining thin film that is non-discernible except for the sparkling lustre it leaves on treated metal.