The VCI film is a heat-sealable, non-dusting, and reusable polyethene film designed to safeguard silver-plated and precious metals by preventing tarnish caused by oxidation and sulfide vapour.

Protection for Silver and Precious Metals

The corrosion prevention film effectively operates by extracting sulfide vapours from enclosed environments. The chemical components within the film react with these vapours, eliminating sulfide and mitigating the risk of tarnishing.

The anti-rust film can be directly applied to silver and other noble metals without concerns about staining or discolouration. Additionally, the VCI film ensures that metal surfaces remain uncontaminated, as it does not leave any particles or residue behind. It does not compromise solderability, conductivity, or coatings.

Ensures Clean and Dry Packaging

The packaged components will remain pristine and dry, eliminating the need for additional cleaning or rework before use. Furthermore, the transparent nature of the packaging film enables effortless visual inspection of the parts without necessitating the bag’s opening.

The rust preventive film is applicable not only among electronic manufacturers but also for applications involving solderability, conductivity, metal coatings, and various consumer items, such as coins, silverware, flatware, musical instruments, jewellery, strings, and accessories.

  • Proven corrosion inhibitor chemistry that eliminates sulfide vapours
  • Can be packed in direct contact without the risk of discolouration
  • Recyclable, safe, non-toxic and easy to use; no special handling required
  • Long-term corrosion protection
  • Parts emerge clean, dry and ready to use without additional cleaning or rework
  • Custom size: bags, tubing, shrouds, zipper and flat bags, sheeting
  • Gold: Full Protection
  • Platinum: Full Protection
  • Silver: Full Protection
  • 99% Silver: Full Protection
  • Sterling: Full Protection
  • Solder or Lead Tin: Passive
  • Steel: Passive
  • Aluminium: Passive
  • Galvanized Steel: Passive
  • Nickel: Passive
Typical Properties
Film Gauge 2 mil 3mil
Tensile Strength 1743 psi 2508 psi
Tear Strength 92.4gf 575gf
Elongation 541% 639%
Puncture Resistance 1.59 lbs 2.47 lbs

Storage: Store in a cool and dry place away from direct sunlight. Do not store outdoors or in high humidity.

  • Antique Pieces
  • Circuit Boards
  • Coins and Collectables
  • Cutlery and Silverware
  • Electronic Components
  • Flatware
  • Heirlooms
  • Musical Instruments
  • Serving Pieces
  • Silversmithing
  • Raw Silver Storage