VCI Foam Inhibitor

Engineered to protect steel, copper, zinc and other multi-metals, the VCI Foam is a non-abrasive cushion foam and corrosion inhibitor. It is adverse to humidity, condensation, dirt or environmental orientation. The VCI Foam is soft and ideal for protecting electronics, delicate subassemblies and valuable equipment. Its cushion foam is fluffy and flexible, allowing it to absorb impact and prevent corrosion. The VCI Foam is resilient, not subjected to humidity, condensation, dirt or environmental factors, making it ideal for export. Upon removing the foam, corrosion inhibitors dissipate and leave no residue, leaving the product dry and clean. No cleaning is necessary. The products are ready for use.

VCI Foam is available in rolls:

  • 10” x 10” sheets
  • For individually wrapping
  • Adhesive form
  • Cut to size
  • Special order
  • Closed-cell foams and laminations
  • NSN 8650-01-338-1392