Foam Peanuts

Foam Peanuts, also known as Packing Peanuts, Polychip Peanuts, or Polychip Foam, is a packaging solution used to prevent impact during the transit of goods. It is commonly used to fill void space during packaging with carton boxes after the goods have been placed as an added protection. The packaging peanuts are typical loose-fill packaging and cushioning material to prevent damage to fragile objects during shipping. They are shaped to interlock when packed tightly and free flow when not compressed. They flow quickly and evenly, filling all spaces around different shapes and sizes of articles. When sealed tightly, these Foam Peanuts interlock tightly to form a barrier, providing adequate product protection.

The advanced Foam Peanuts are biodegradable and non-toxic materials like corn starch or wheat. These foam types are easily dissolvable in water. They do not have an electrostatic charge, so they do not stick to the clothes. Another advantage of foam peanuts is that they are dust-free, anti-static, and abrasion-resistant. Using foam peanuts reduces freight costs as it is lighter than most conventional packaging and dunnage materials. Furthermore, they are recyclable as it is highly resilient.

Foam Peanuts is a simple and easy-to-use packaging solution for retail, e-commerce, mailing, and logistics requirement, as it is lightweight. The Foam Peanuts selection depends on the packaging goods that are more fragile and require void-filling packaging for extra protection. Our packaging engineers can help select the right packaging solution for different requirements.

Benefits of Foam Peanuts:
  • Superior Cushioning
  • Reduced Freight Cost
  • Highly Resilient and Reusable
  • Ultra-Lightweight
  • Protective Void Filling
  • Reduces risk of damage
  • Moisture-Resistant
  • Dustless, Odourless, and Chemically inert
  • Ideal as a cushion to prevent impact damages to products
  • Cost-effective