Bubble Wrap Packaging

Bubble Wrap Packaging, also known as Bubble Roll, is one of the most common protective packaging solution. Cost-effective and reusable, they are used as a cushion to ensure that fragile products are free from damage caused by impact during transportation. 

How is Bubble Wrap Packaging made?

Bubble Wrap Packagings are manufactured from multiple tiny polyethene beads of resin, similar to the shape of pea gravel or rice. These tiny little beads enter an extruder with a high temperature of about 450°C to 500°C. High temperature plays a crucial role in allowing the resin to form the film. The produced films are then carried over to a series of rollers to achieve the optimal thickness, then passed through a numerous tiny hole cylinder and vacuumed to trap air. These tinny holes are what gives the bubble packaging its fascinating pop-up circular shape. The film then goes through a final series of rollers for cooling and creating bonds with multiple layers. 

Here in Stream Peak, we provide a wide range of Bubble Wrap Packaging other than the standard bubble roll, each made with different properties to suit various applications’ needs.

Metalised Foil Bubble Roll

Metalised Bubble Roll, also known as the Foil Bubble Roll, is a Bubble Wrap Packaging sheet laminated with foil to create a temperature-controlled packaging. Water-resistant and lightweight, it is not only capable of providing cushioning to minimise product damage. But its’ temperature-controlled characteristics also make it ideal for regulating the temperature of products, ensuring they are kept colder or warmer for a longer duration during the transportation process.

Kraft Paper Bubble Roll

As its name suggests, the Kraft Paper Bubble Roll is an air bubble sheet incorporated with sturdy kraft paper. Solid and durable, the Bubble Wrap Packaging is available in different sizes to fit a range of products from fragile items such as glass to heavy household products, including wooden furniture. The kraft paper air cushioning used to protect floor surfaces from scratches caused by the moving of heavy household products. 

Foam-Backed Bubble Roll

The Foam-Backed Bubble Roll is incorporated with a foam layer on one side of the Bubble Wrap Packaging sheet to offer extra cushioning to fragile products. Capable of adsorbing light impact, it is best suited for products that will continuously move about during transit. The Foam-Backed air packaging is also commonly used for products with having a sensitive finish such as stone or high gloss paint.

Anti-Static Bubble Roll

Unlike typical standard bubble rolls, the Anti-Static Bubble Wrap Packaging prevents the build-up of static, resulting in damage for electronic products caused by electrostatic discharge (ESD). Anti-static properties are ideal for packing products such as laptops, smartphones and other electronic gadgets. It comes in pink for easy identification. 

Self-Adhesive Bubble Roll 

Self-Adhesive Bubble Wrap Packaging eliminates the need for additional use of double-sided tape, as the packaging itself comes with an adhesive layer on its own. This adhesive layer allows the air bubble packaging to remain intact on products with sensitive surfaces such as flat-screen TVs and glass. Simple to use and removed effortlessly, ensuring that products are free from any markings of the tape.

There are four different sizes of bubbles available for different requirements. The bubble sizes are available in 6mm, 10mm, 25mm and 30mm. An alternative to void filling solutions would be Air Pillows that are cost-effective for large volume consumption. Find out more on everything you wanted to know about Bubble Wrap Packagingon our blog, and click here to learn the correct way to pack with Bubble Wraps.

  • Ideal as a cushion to prevent impact damages to products
  • Cost-effective
  • 4 sizes = 20″, 40″, 48″ & 54″
    • 20″ and 40″ length is 300FT (92M)
    • 48″ and 54″ length Is 330FT (100M)
    • 60″ we process when request and needed MOQ
  • Metalised Foil Bubble Roll
  • Kraft Paper Bubble Roll
  • Foam-Backed Bubble Roll
  • Anti-Static Bubble Roll
  • Self-Adhesive Bubble Roll