Bubble wrap packaging, also known as bubble roll, is a protective packaging material used for cushioning and safeguarding items during shipping, handling and storage. It consists of transparent plastic film sheets or rolls with small air-filled bubbles trapped between two layers.

Protective Void Fill Packaging

The bubble roll is flexible and lightweight, which makes it easy to wrap around items of different shapes and sizes. It conforms to the object’s contours, creating a protective layer that reduces the direct contact between the item and external surfaces. The plastic film used in bubble wrap is transparent, allowing easy visibility of the wrapped item.

Bubble wrap protects fragile or delicate objects from impact, vibration, and shock. The air-filled bubbles act as a barrier and absorb the energy of any external forces, minimising the risk of damage. It can also insulate against temperature changes, protect against moisture and dust, and serve as a deterrent against scratches or surface damage.

Lightweight Air Filled Bubbles

The bubbles come in various sizes, ranging from small bubbles with a diameter of around 6 mm (0.25 inches) to larger bubbles of about 26 mm (1 inch) or more. It’s important to ensure the bubbles face inward towards the wrapped item when using the bubble wrap. This arrangement maximises the cushioning effect and enhances the protection provided by the bubble wrap.

Bubble wrap can be used in various industries, including e-commerce, retail, electronics, manufacturing, and moving companies. It is often employed for packing fragile items such as glassware, ceramics, electronics, artwork, and other sensitive products that require extra protection during transit.

We provide a wide range of bubble wraps featuring different materials, lengths, and sizes. Our offerings include customisation options and printing services, allowing for a tailored packaging solution that aligns with specific brands and requirements.

  • Cushioning and shock absorption
  • Lightweight
  • Versatile in size and shape
  • Provides surface protection
  • Transparent for easy identification
  • User-friendly and easy to handle
  • Cost-effective
  • Recyclable (check local recycling guidelines)
  • Customisable for specific needs
  • Reusable for multiple shipments or applications
  • Elmendorf Tear (MD): 30gm
  • Elmendorf Tear (CD): 640 gm
  • Tensile Yield (MD): 14 N/mm2
  • Tensile Yield (CD): 13 N/mm2
  • Ultimate Tensile (MD): 40 N/mm2
  • Ultimate Tensile (CD): 26 N/mm2
  • Ultimate Elongation (MD): 660%
  • Ultimate Elongation (CD): 900%
  • Burst (Bubble Pressure): 169 KN/m2
  • Maximum temperate: 93 DC
  • Minimum temperate: -15 DC

Metalised Foil Bubble Roll

Metalised bubble wrap, or the foil bubble roll, is a sheet laminated with foil to create temperature-controlled packaging. Water-resistant and lightweight, it is not only capable of providing cushioning to minimise product damage. Its temperature-controlled characteristics also make it ideal for regulating the temperature of products, ensuring they are kept colder or warmer for a longer duration during transportation.

Kraft Paper Bubble Roll

The kraft paper bubble wrap is an air bubble sheet with sturdy kraft paper. Solid and durable, the packaging is available in different sizes to fit a range of products, from fragile items such as glass to heavy household products, including wooden furniture. The kraft paper air cushioning is used to protect floor surfaces from scratches caused by the moving of heavy household products.

Foam-Backed Bubble Roll

The foam-backed bubble roll is incorporated with a foam layer on one side of the bubble wrap packaging sheet to offer extra cushioning to fragile products. It is capable of adsorbing light impact and is best suited for products continuously moving about during transit. Foam-Backed air packaging is also commonly used for products with a sensitive finish, such as stone or high gloss paint.

Anti-Static Bubble Roll

Unlike typical standard bubble rolls, the anti-static bubble wrap prevents static buildup and damaging electronic products caused by electrostatic discharge (ESD). Anti-static properties are ideal for packing products such as laptops, smartphones and other electronic gadgets. It comes in pink for easy identification.

Self-Adhesive Bubble Roll

Self-adhesive bubble wrap eliminates the need for double-sided tape, as the packaging comes with an adhesive layer. This adhesive layer keeps the air bubble packaging intact on products with sensitive surfaces, such as flat-screen TVs and glass. Easy to use and removed effortlessly, ensuring that products are free from any tape markings.