Price Tagger

Safely and Quickly Install Price Tags

Variety of tagging tools for different fabrics

Make tagging quick and easy with smart Price Tagging Tools. Tagging of retail apparel is a time-consuming task that needs precision in handling. But it’s a necessity to operate a smooth and efficient retail business. These tools have needles that easily insert the fastener across the fabric, accessories, and shoes. They also feature additional options based on how delicate the fabric is, the distance of the tag from the anchoring point of the fastener, and its strength. Price Taggers offer a safe, flexible and risk-free way of tagging labels at a seam, across open weave or woven labels, shoes, accessories, and more. They enhance productivity, saving time for other essential tasks. These tools help in managing and tracking store inventory or displaying necessary product details to the consumers.

At Stream Peak, we offer a wide variety of Price Tagging Tools and guns that make the tagging process easy, fast, and safe. We supply quality products that have unique individual features like the safe removal and disposal of used needles. These are ideal for all kinds of tagging and labeling requirements. We offer innovative products that make retail operations quick, efficient, and seamless.