Reinforced Aluminium Foil, also known as Barrier Film, is a versatile packaging material that offers numerous advantages for a wide range of packaging applications. It consists of aluminium foil enforced between a transparent nylon film and multiple layers of heat-sealable polyethene.

Aluminium foil possesses exceptional insulation properties and is lightweight, durable, and robust. It also exhibits reflective properties in its foil form. This makes reinforced aluminium foil ideal for creating a barrier against moisture, liquids, and gases, protecting shipping crates and cargo. It is commonly used as a thermal insulator for cargo and shipment.

Moisture and Oxygen-Proof with Excellent Tear Resistance

The high heat resistance of the material enables effective heat absorption. It remains tough even in intense cold conditions, making it suitable for long-term storage and exposure to high UV radiation. Cleaning is simple because of its smooth surface.

Reinforced aluminium foil is moisture and oxygen-proof, offering excellent resistance to tears and punctures. It is a cost-effective and flexible solution for humidity control in shipping or storage packaging bags.

When used for lining shipping crates, it helps prevent off-gassing and protects against harmful elements such as moisture, liquids, and gases. Combining reinforced aluminium foil with desiccants and humidity indicator cards enhances protection against moisture damage.

By employing proper packaging methods, an enclosed low-oxygen environment can be created. The thermal properties of reinforced aluminium foil enable insulation during storage and transportation, safeguarding temperature-sensitive objects. The tightly sealed enclosure eliminates the risk of pest infestation, ensuring superior product protection.

Thermal Insulation and Protection for Shipping Crates and Cargo

Ensuring that the dull sides of the aluminium foil face each other during the heat-sealing process is essential. Although certain exceptions apply, the foil can be stapled or fastened to different surfaces.

Due to its low melting point, the adhesive layer can be attached to other materials with similar melting points, such as foam. Reinforced aluminium foil is a reliable packaging solution with enhanced protection, insulation, and durability. Its versatility makes it a popular choice for various packaging needs.

  • Excellent packaging insulator with reflective properties
  • Lightweight, durable, and robust
  • Waterproof and heat-sealable
  • Provides a barrier against moisture, liquids, and gases
  • Ideal for sealing and lining shipping crates and cargo
  • Used as a thermal insulator for temperature-sensitive objects
  • Resistant to tears, punctures, and UV radiation
  • Moisture and oxygen-proof characteristics
  • Economical and flexible for humidity control in packaging bags
  • Prevents off-gassing and protects against harmful elements
  • Can be used with desiccants and humidity indicator cards
  • Creates a low-oxygen environment for enhanced protection
  • Helps maintain proper temperature during storage and transportation
  • Eliminates pests and ensures secure packaging
  • Proper heat-sealing process and attachment techniques are recommended