Reinforced Aluminium Foil

Reinforced Aluminium Foil, also known as Barrier Film, is an opaque, flexible, waterproof, heat-sealable laminated material made from aluminum foil sandwiched between a transparent nylon film and multiple layers of heat-sealable polyethene. Aluminum is not only an excellent packaging insulator but also light in weight, durable, and robust. The packaging possesses reflective properties in its foil form. When protecting against harmful factors from the surrounding environment, such as moisture, liquids, and gases, Reinforced Aluminium Foil is an ideal packaging solution as a barrier material for shipping crates and cargo. It is commonly used as a thermal insulator for cargo and shipment.

Aluminum foil has a high heat resistance and can absorb heat effectively. Even when exposed to intense cold, aluminum foil becomes tougher. This material is unaffected by long service life or high UV radiation. The smooth surface makes cleaning simple. The formation of these layers results in moisture and oxygen-proof characteristics, but they are also excellent resistant to tears and punctures. Economical and flexible, they are commonly used for humidity control in shipping or storage packaging bags.

It is an ideal packaging solution for sealing and lining shipping crates to prevent off-gassing and shelves from protecting against harmful elements from the surrounding environment, such as moisture, liquids, and gases. Reinforced aluminum foil is often used with desiccants and humidity indicator cards to protect goods from damage against moisture. With proper packaging methods applied, an enclosed low-oxygen environment is formed with Reinforced Aluminium Foil. Its thermal properties enable insulation during storage and transportation, preventing temperature-sensitive objects from being damaged. The tightly sealed enclosure eliminates the infestation of pests, providing goods with more excellent protection. During the heat-sealing process, the dull sides of the aluminum foil should face each other. The reinforced aluminium foil should be stapled or fastened to different surfaces for attachment. There are, however, some exceptions. Due to its low melting point, the adhesive layer can be attached to other materials with similar melting points, such as foam. Please find out more about reinforced aluminum foil from our blog.

  • Thermal insulator for cargos and shipment
  • Its material is useful in keeping the rooms cool in summer and warm in winter