Poly Mailers

Customisable, the courier bag packs and seals products for mailing and delivery.

Poly Mailers are packaging bags mainly used for mailing and delivery purposes. The use of mailing bags helps to maintain product integrity and keep all items together.

Benefits of Poly Mailers

Not only can Stream Peak’s mailing bag help to protect the integrity of your products, but it also offers other benefits such as:

  1. A professional look to the brand image of your company. With the use of a proper packaging solution, it shows the consumers that the company is responsible for their products, creating an assuring and trustworthy message.
  2. Stream Peak’s Mailing Bag incorporates a sealable feature to ensure that all items are kept intact throughout the shipping process.
  3. User-friendly. Our mailing bags are easy-to-use, handle and open.
  4. Reusable. Mailing Bags can be used repeatedly as long as no see through-holes are present.
  5. Attractive packaging. Stream Peak’s Poly Mailers can be customised to suit your specific needs in terms of size, material and colour.
Applications of Poly Mailers

Mailing Bags are applicable for a wide range of products such as uniforms, clothing, catalogues, electronics, industrial and electrical parts, medical supplies, small little accessories, printed materials and many more!

  • Sealable
  • Maintain product integrity